Dinner and a Movie: Super Bowl Hype Edition

Editor’s note: Below is an exerpt from the first in a series of weekly articles aimed at men and their lesuire time activities, published on the FanSided Radio website, a link to which can be found after the exerpt – Dinner and a Movie will be published each Wednesday…

It has been 10 days since I’ve watched SportsCenter.

Not that I don’t care about who wins the Super Bowl and who loses, I just don’t give a spit about all of the side stories, the rumors and accusations, chest beating, beer spitting, bicep kissing and players’ wives being all mouthy.

Football is football.  I don’t care what the players do on their off time.  I don’t care if someone has fathered 20 kids with 27 different mothers – I don’t care about their sins – that’s on them.

But about what they do on the football field, about that I care very much…

…oh, I hear things – perhaps glance upon something that somebody said on my way to the draft boards and the basketball and hockey scoreboards – but my TV stays off when I’m by myself, and on Disney Channel on the rare occasion my boy wants to watch TV – or Lifetime Channel when my wife is trying to clear the room and get some solitude.

The two weeks between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl is football’s version of a Lifetime Channel movie, with so much testosterone instigated hijinks and estrogen motivated mouth-spouting that it if you were to add a smidgen of teen-angst it would be perfect for the militants that produce their shows…

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