Krabby Patties lessen the sting of the Super Bowl that wasn't

At 9:00am we were waiting at the doors of Round Table Pizza.

Not so much to order pizza but to make sure we had a table for the Football games.  The place always filled up quickly and by game 10:00am gametime, the breakfast pizza was consumed and the beer was flowing.

Such was the life of a west coast football fan.

1986 in the northern California town of Santa Rosa was not a place that you normally could see a New England Patriots game – that is, unless they were playing the 49ers, which they were on this chilly mid-December morning.

I had on my Mosi Tatupu jersey and was surrounded by Niners fans wearing their red and gold jerseys – Montana and Rice were the most prominent, but there were quite a few Lott’s, a few Craig’s and even one Ray Wersching, which no one understood.

The only other person in a Patriots jersey was a jaded woman of about 40 who was still intoxicated from the night before and wearing someones old Russ Francis jersey like a dress, which instantly made her the center of attention and took a lot of the heat off of me….

…which turned out to be not so much a matter of dealing with the throng at Round Table, rather than having to satisfy a wager that I made with a few good-natured fans that I shared my table with.

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