New England Patriots: Brady voted for Offensive Player of the Year "Hippie Award"

Ho hum.  Tom Brady wins another award.

But, geez, doesn’t he deserve them?

Everyone knows Brady’s story – the charmed life, mansions, cars, Uggs, Supermodel wife and yes, his own reserved parking space at work.

But a person doesn’t just fall into these things – well, some people do but Patriots’ fans defy anyone to suggest that the former 6th round draft pick has done anything but earn what he has…especially in light of the fact that he has been voted by the fans as the “Hippie Awards” New England Patriots’ Offensive Player of the Year.

At 35 years old, Brady is showing little sign of slowing down or of eroding skills…quite the contrary in fact.  His 637 passing attempts were the most he’s ever thrown in a season and his 401 completions were tied for the most and the resultant 4,827 yards are the second most in his career behind only last season’s 5,235.

His 34 touchdowns against just 8 interceptions suggest that his accuracy has not waned in advancing age and he seems prepared to lead this team into his 40’s…and his fiery determination and child-like exuberance when celebrating a big play still gives us chills and fires us up…

…so it is an honor to be able to watch him lead this team, and also an honor to present him with the 2012 “Hippie Award” for Offensive Player of the Year.

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