New England Patriots: Sign 'em all, let Bill sort 'em out

Deion Sanders has decided to return to professional football.

Which is a bunch of road apples of course, but can you just imagine the explosion of posts on social media were he to really plan on returning?

Well, on second thought, it wouldn’t be much more than when an average Joe or a has-been is being released by some team – particularly if the player was deemed to be in a need position for the New England Patriots…and not just on social media either.  It seemes that the so-called experts always find a way to connect the dots to the Patriots for just about any player on the market.

Un-cap savvy teams are being forced to release tons of talented players, and every one seems destined to become a Patriot – and now that quarterback Tom Brady has restructured his contract and given the Patriots that much more cap space to work with, apparently they can now afford all of them.

Why not?  It’s like the old military axiom, “Kill ‘em all, let God sort ‘em out”, only in football vernacular it would be more like “Sign ‘em all, let Bill sort ‘em out.”

The thing is, that now that New England has approxiamately $25 million in cap space – and about to go up by about $3 million with the pending release of receiver Brandon Lloyd – it is an even better time to be fiscally responsible.  Patience is the key word – don’t go chasing players who are looking for huge paydays, let the players who want to win come to you.

Just because you have the money to spend, doesn’t mean you have to go shopping.

Window shopping is fine, though – which is what everyone does on social media

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