New England Patriots on Paper: "Legal Tampering" begins at Midnight

Everybody knows that the grass is greener in Foxboro.

Except at Gillette Stadium where it’s field turf and I’m pretty sure that that stuff come out of the extrusion machine all the same color, but let’s not split hairs here, the New England Patriots are pretty decent team to land with if you’re a free agent.

Unless you’re looking for a pot of gold, because that Rainbow doesn’t end here.  But if you have made your money and want to win – and if you are good at what you do – Billy and Bobby might have a place for you.

The New England Patriots are football’s version of an Army ammo dump, a Repository, as it were, but only for the weapons that are live and potentially dangerous…and they have some bunkers to fill.

The “Legal Tampering” window opens at Midnight tonight on the East Coast and this staging period where the representatives for unrestricted free agents throughout the NFL will be able to chat and make wink-wink agreements.

The 88 hour window is going to be crucial to the success of the free agent transaction period for the New England Patriots, and is also going to give them an idea of what market value is going to be for their own free agents – which should give everyone an idea of whether or not the Patriots will have to move forward without the services of names like Welker, Woodhead, Vollmer, Talib, etc..

The parameters of the Legal Tampering windows are detailed thus:

* Teams may contact the agents for unrestricted free agents only beginning at midnight Friday and the window stays open until 4:00pm on Tuesday, which is the official start of the new NFL year and the start of open free agency;

* Teams may not generate or execute contracts with players’ agents until the start of open free agency;

* No contact is allowed with players, agents only.

With these things in mind, Chowder and Champions will be updating this article as a live blog starting at midnight tonight.  Check in with us often to keep up to date on Truths and Rumors – hopefully more of the former and less of the latter…

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