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Jacoby Ellsbury Signs With New York Yankees, No Need To Panic


According to multiple sources, Jacoby Ellsbury will be wearing pinstripes in 2014. The seven year 153 million dollar agreement also has an option for a sixth year that would bring the agreement up to 169 million and would make the deal the ninth largest contract in MLB history.

There are a few things to take into account before Red Sox Nation should hit the panic button. The Yankees are still searching for key players at second and third base, a quality DH, as well as a long term short stop. Not only that, but take this into account.

That’s right, it looks like Cano is on the outside looking in. You would think that he would have been priority number one for The Bronx Bombers, but it looks like Cano and Jay Z will be looking elsewhere (Maybe Seattle?).

While the Yankees have been spending like it’s going out of style, The Red Sox have taken a much more sensible approach in short term deals for veterans who can help Boston contend in 2014. Signing catcher A.J. Pierzynski to a one year deal and letting Jarrod Saltalamacchia go to Miami saved the Sox two years and several million dollars. It will free up money needed to find either an outfielder or first baseman that can provide the lineup with power.

No need to panic Red Sox Nation, the Winter Meetings are upon us. Ben Cherington is sure to make his perennial short term splash signings. Let it play out. Instead of reacting to the moves of New York, take a more calculated approach and do what is best for Boston.

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