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5 reasons to re-sign Stephen Drew


I’m not sure why so many people hate Stephen Drew but it’s very apparent most do. Some of the hate isn’t based on reality but simply because his last name is Drew and they hated his brother.

First let me say I neither love nor hate Stephen but what I do have for him is understanding and respect. I respect the fact he plays one of the toughest positions on the field with relative ease. He is one of the best Defensive Short Stops in the game. He can also hit for some power.

On the flip side of the coin… he does have some shortcomings; he struggles against Left handed pitching and prior to receiving new contacts, hit very poorly in the Post Season.

The Red Sox have an exciting, young SS in Xander Bogaerts waiting to take over, so why do I and the Red Sox want Stephen Drew back? Allow me to explain.

  • Bogaerts or “Bogey” if you will is an advanced hitter but his glove is behind his bat. Some Scouts believe he may be better off moving to 3rd, mostly because of his size- 6’-3” tall. I happen to agree and I’d go one step further and say he doesn’t have the natural instincts to be a good defender at SS. His movements at Short aren’t “fluid” in nature but rather “clunky”. But I will say he is highly intelligent, so he could learn to be a good enough defender with time (maybe).
  • Having Drew, (an elite defender) around for Bogey to watch and learn from would only help his development should he eventually go back to SS.
  • The Red Sox prefer to have a Left handed bat in their infield, preferably anywhere but at 1st base (Adrian Gonzalez may have soured them). So adding/ keeping Drew would give them that Lefty bat.
  • The hitting struggles at 3rd base would presumably end with Bogey taking over the position, making Will Middlebrooks (WMB) available for trade or moved to a new position. Don’t forget, Garin Cecchini is a Left handed hitting 3rd basemen who should be ready come 2015.
  • It would only be for ONE year, assuming they could re-sign Drew for only one. And even if it were for longer, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the World to keep the better defender at SS, while moving the other players to different positions.

* I hope this clears some things up for some people and perhaps opens some eyes to the fact it would actually be a good thing to re-sign Stephen Drew.


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