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Stephen Drew: How Much Should The Boston Red Sox Offer?

News broke earlier that The New York Yankees will not be signing free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. Peter Gammons was the first to report it via twitter.

According to The Boston Red Sox and New York Mets are the only real possibilities for Drew. Since tuning down

Boston’s qualifying offer of one year at 14 million dollars Stephen Drew isn’t likely to command his desire for a multiple seasons at a high pay rate. That leaves the question, how much should Boston offer the 30 year old shortstop?

As I pointed out in my article on Monday, Xander Bogaerts makes signing Drew more of a luxury  than a necessity. Chances are they won’t offer the 14 million that he has already turned down, which means that he will be looking at a figure between 10-12 million for a one year contract. The move would give Bogaerts the opportunity to ease in to a starting role either at shortstop or third base, depending on the productivity Will Middlebrooks.

The Mets might be willing to give Drew a second year, but it is doubtful that it would anywhere near the 12 million that The Red Sox might offer. This leaves Drew and Boston in an awkward situation as Gammons mentioned in his tweet. The next few weeks should be interesting if negotiations are taking place between Drew’s agent Scott Boras and Sox GM Ben Cherington.

Do you think The Red Sox should re-sign Stephen Drew? If yes, how long of a deal should they consider and at what salary? Leave your comments in the section below.

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  • Len Biz

    They offered him a qualifying offer of $14 million, and Drew turned it down! Let him live with his decision…Boras hosed him! Let him eat crow! Good luck on the open market!

    If he hit over .125 in the playoffs, you could argue to sign him as a luxury. Bogaerts can’t do much worse than that!

    • John Ackeren

      I see where you are coming from Len. Boras did hose him. I do believe that both Boras and Drew thought that there would be a larger market for his services. Thanks for the comment.

  • Paul V. Suffriti

    10 million….one year deal for Drew. It would be nice to have Bogaerts ease into the lineup and who really knows if Middlebrooks will become the future third baseman ( I hope he does). One year deal will not hurt the Sox and it could be smart insurance.

    • John Ackeren

      It might be a good approach. The real question is if Drew will take a one year deal at ten mil. Maybe he ends up with The Mets.

      • Griff

        Mets won’t give up the first rounder to get him. That’s the poison pill the Sox handed out in the form of the qualifying offer. Sox automatically get the hometown discount because no one else wants to pay off with a draft pick.

        • Willy

          The Mets wouldnt have to give up a 1st round pick, the highest pick theyd have to surrender is a 3rd round compensatory pick.

          • Griff

            Why, are the Mets’ first two picks already gone?


            They have to give up their highest available draft pick to sign him.

          • Willy

            Their 1st round pick is protected, they already gave up the next pick when they signed Granderson. So that leaves a supplemental 3rd rounder.
            It doesnt matter because the only way the Mets would sign Drew is if he agreed to a 2-3 yr deal for no more than $6m per, not gonna happen.

          • Griff

            Did not realize their first rounder was protected in this situation.

  • Jan

    For me it depends on what else they could do with the money. If they could, pure speculation, get a trade done that included giancarlo stanton or even price, i would prefer using the money there. But if nobody else is available, i would rather get drew back instead of doing nothing. But if the sox resign him, they should not give him more than 1 year.

  • Rick M

    Wanted the money just like his brother. So now what? No one wants to give up a draft pick and bucks for this guy. I’d offer him a fraction of that 14.1M with a take it or leave it. He made his decision now live with it. Time for the X-Man and the next influx of farm talent.

  • John Finn Jr

    Offer him one million and see if he comes back. It’s not like he would get a lot of playing time, with Bogaerts and Middlebrooks there. Pay him like you would a bench player.

  • Willy

    Drew is needed more than most people realize. What would I offer him? It depends on whether the Sox feel he’s needed just for 1 year or longer. If its 1 year than Id offer him $10m. If its for 2 years or more than I offer him something like 3/$25m.

    • John Ackeren

      The fact that he was only offered a 1yr qualifying deal when the season ended says it all. He is not a long term solution. Thanks for your comment Willy.

      • Willy

        You’re welcome but the 1 yr qualifying offer is simply a formality and means nothing of the Red Sox intent for the future or their feelings toward Drew. It was used to secure their rights. If they decided not to bring him back theyd get a draft pick, thats all.

        • John Ackeren

          I know how the qualifying offer works. I just believe that if they saw him as a long term solution they would have tried to work something out without giving other teams a shot at him.

          • Willy

            I meant no dis-respect, simply pointing it out. What I believe the Sox told Boras was “If” you can get a multi-year deal to your satisfaction the go ahead but we would like Stephen to return on some level…

          • John Ackeren

            None taken Willy. Lol. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I highly doubt The Mets will be players, so Drew back to The Sox looks likely.

          • Willy

            I agree. You should check out my article on Drew, on here. Its called “5 reasons why theRed Sox should re-sign Stephen Drew”.

          • John Ackeren

            Already read it. Didn’t know you were the one who wrote it. Lol

  • redsoxnationfans

    To me it was foolish for Drew to turn down the Qualifying offer but then again Scott Boras is known to have all his clients well most of them turn the offer down…………….Remember what happened to Tek when he turned it down? If Drew wants a job and no other team is willing to forfeit their draft pick for him then he is going to have to take what the Sox offer him no matter what. I say 1 year at 8 million max. If Drew accepts then fine all is good if he doesn’t then enjoy sitting out 2014.

    • Griff

      I’d offer him 2 years, 16 mil. Yeah, it’s gonna sting for him, because he basically gets 2 mil for the second year, but it’s enough of a lesson for everyone else…