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Stephen Drew: How Much Should The Boston Red Sox Offer?

News broke earlier that The New York Yankees will not be signing free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. Peter Gammons was the first to report it via twitter.

According to The Boston Red Sox and New York Mets are the only real possibilities for Drew. Since tuning down

Boston’s qualifying offer of one year at 14 million dollars Stephen Drew isn’t likely to command his desire for a multiple seasons at a high pay rate. That leaves the question, how much should Boston offer the 30 year old shortstop?

As I pointed out in my article on Monday, Xander Bogaerts makes signing Drew more of a luxury  than a necessity. Chances are they won’t offer the 14 million that he has already turned down, which means that he will be looking at a figure between 10-12 million for a one year contract. The move would give Bogaerts the opportunity to ease in to a starting role either at shortstop or third base, depending on the productivity Will Middlebrooks.

The Mets might be willing to give Drew a second year, but it is doubtful that it would anywhere near the 12 million that The Red Sox might offer. This leaves Drew and Boston in an awkward situation as Gammons mentioned in his tweet. The next few weeks should be interesting if negotiations are taking place between Drew’s agent Scott Boras and Sox GM Ben Cherington.

Do you think The Red Sox should re-sign Stephen Drew? If yes, how long of a deal should they consider and at what salary? Leave your comments in the section below.

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