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The Yankees continue to spend while the Red Sox???



Normally I would say “who cares what teams spend” as it doesn’t always equal a Championship. The Toronto Blue Jays loaded up last winter yet still managed to fail.

One thing Ben Cherington and the Red Sox taught us last season is that it’s less about the money and more about a player’s character, desire and heart. Red Sox players like Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes and David Ross (among others) were added not just to fill a need but because of their great character attributes. Everything seemed to go the Red Sox way last season and there’s no better example then the big shiny trophy they have on display but how are we to know that they can carry this success forward?

In order to really dissect a winning formula you need more than one year or season to determine the results. Perhaps I’m asking this question too soon but as a lifelong Sox fan I am worried that Ben hasn’t done enough to improve this team.

I also worry about things that I hear or have read about hanging onto their excess Starting Pitchers instead of swinging a trade. Perhaps it’s a smoke screen and now that Masahiro Tanaka has signed with the N.Y. Yankees we can expect the Sox to move a Starter or two, time will tell.


Speaking of the Yankees, let’s look at what they have added this winter.

Jacoby Ellsbury- .298AVG, .355OBP, .781OPS, 52SB

Brian McCann- .256AVG, .336OBP, .796OPS, 20HR’s

Carlos Beltran- .296AVG, .339OBP, .830 OPS, 24HR’s

Masahiro Tanaka (SP), Brian Roberts (2nd), Kelly Johnson (3rd).


Players lost:

Robinson Cano- .314AVG, .383OBP, .899OPS, 27HR’s

Vernon Wells- .233AVG, .282OBP, .631OPS, 11HR’s

Chris Stewart- .211AVG, .293OBP, .566OPS, 4HR’s

*Alex Rodriguez- .244AVG, .348OBP, .771OPS, 7HR’s

(44 games)  *Suspended.


The only player (from above) that they’ll definitely miss is Cano but we can also clearly see how the Yankees have drastically improved.

So even though I believe that Ben isn’t done making moves however major/minor they may be but when it’s all said and done, will it be enough to keep the Yankees at bay?

Will the 2014 season be the real “Bridge” year for the Red Sox or can we expect them to legitimately compete for another Championship?

I have my doubts and I worry that Ben hasn’t and won’t do enough to knock their most hated rival out of contention.

I worry that having so many young and unproven players, IE; Jackie Bradley Jr., Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogaerts, expecting them to carry this team, is a tall order and unwise.

What do you think? Or what would you do?


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  • Crusader10

    Let’s not forget that the Yankees also LOST Petitte, Rodriguez, and don’t forget Mariano. Plus, their infield right now is not very good, Beyond Texiera, who is only a fraction of what he was before, they have nothing at second or third, and Jeter never was a great shortstop to begin with, and now he is slowing down too.

    • Jan

      I totally agree. Yes, the yankees have a great outfield. But their infield is bad. They have holes at Second and third and jeter and texeira are no longer the offensive players they used to be. Their rotation’s strength depends a lot on sabathia and if he can rebound from last season, and kuroda, who will be 39 in february. I’m not sure if he can repeat last Season (look at his last 8 starts: 0-6, 6.56 ERA, .364 OBP against). Not to mention their bullpen without Mo.

      • Crusader10

        Well, now they have Tanaka, but who knows what he will be? Japanese pitchers seem to be a crapshoot,and usually tend more to snakeyes. Daisuke and Irabu, both came here with much fanfare. Nomo had a decent career, but not spectacular. It’s only one season for Darwish, For this to work for the Yankees, he has to be as advertised and nothing less. If he is another irabu, the Yanks are in serious trouble.

  • disqus_7B5wJlcrGS

    The Sox gave us a wonderful season. We rode a roller coaster for the first half. They weaved through a maze of injuries. There wasn’t a full team on the field until the playoffs. Which is a great time for that to come about. Now they are preparing to gather the same group of scruffy (sorry to see Salty go), determined baseball junkies and do it all over again, with just a couple of ‘what’s up with that’ spots; the left side of the infield (Too bad Boros is Drew’s agent, it would have been nice to have him back), and center field. But I think we are right to expect nothing but something good.
    Yes, the Yankees are throwing a lot of money around, and have landed some trophies. But my focus will be on willing the Sox to repeat. Not what the Yankees are assembling to knock us off track.
    Our boys are tough and seem to enjoy each others company.
    Not a bad why to begin the season.