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About Last Night: The "Super" Bowl

Two weeks of non-stop press coverage made me sick. Analysts going back and forth debating how each team could win and that this was the most difficult Super Bowl to predict. Perhaps next year there can be a rule made to only have one week of non-stop coverage as opposed to two? Show some more basketball or college basketball highlights?

I agree, it was a tough call in the days leading up to the big game, but the Seattle Seahawks made it clear that there should never have been an argument. They are the best team in football. The Seahawks defense dominated Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense in their 43-8 shellacking at MetLife Stadium.

For Manning, this was just another bullet point for his antagonists in their list of reasons why he isn’t the greatest QB of all time. Manning threw two awful interceptions last night and looked like a guy who had four neck surgeries for the first time since his comeback. You could see his expression of pain with each hit he took from Seattle’s defensive front. FOX had a few slow-motion replays that really made you feel Peyton’s pain. His pick-six to Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith (Dexter Jackson anyone?) was a back-breaker, and sent many Broncos fans into a tizzy, because 22-0 at halftime looks much worse than 15-0.

The game watching experience was pretty lousy. Percy Harvin’s return touchdown was exciting, but all it did was send Broncos fans to the parking lot a bit quicker. Maybe they beat the New Jersey Turnpike traffic? I feel for the Broncos fans who spent large amounts of money to get to the game, only to experience last night’s debacle. At least they can go home and get as high as they want.

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