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The Red Sox MUST extend David Ortiz


There has been a lot said about Big Papi’s request for an extension. People have reasoned one way or another, some logically, some not. I try to not let my personal feelings for a player enter into an equation but when it comes to David Ortiz I find it impossible. How can you not love our giant sized lefty?

I understand peoples concern over his age (38), to which I say “he’s a DH” his age doesn’t matter.

I understand people not liking David’s yearly contract demands, to which I say “are you jealous?”

I’m not crazy about his public demands but with reporters always in his face, asking the same questions over and over, who wouldn’t toss them a bone once in a while? Who wouldn’t use whatever vehicle available to them to get more money?

In my mind the best way to determine his value to the team is through his production.

So let’s take a look at his numbers (Last 3 Seasons) to determine whether or not Ortiz truly deserves an extension of a year or two.


2013- 137G, 84R, 160H, 38D, 2T, 30HR, 103RBI, 76BB, .309AVG, .395OBP, .959OPS, 4.4WAR

’13 Post Season- 16G, 12R, 18H, 3D, 5HR, 13RBI, 16BB, .353AVG, .500OBP, 1.206OPS

2012- 90G, 65R, 103H, 26D, 23HR, 60RBI, 56BB, .318AVG,.415OBP, 1.026OPS, 2.9WAR

2011- 146G, 84R, 162H, 40D, 1T, 29HR, 96RBI, 78BB, .309AVG, .398OBP, .953OPS, 3.7WAR


With these outstanding numbers, the fact that Papi doesn’t play a position and only has to hit for a living, I’d give him whatever he wants, as long as it’s short term.

I don’t ever want to see him in a N.Y. Yankees uniform.

I know it’s easy for me to say, as I don’t pay his salary but the numbers don’t lie. I don’t see a drastic decline in his production to warrant playing games with one of our best hitters. Go Sox!



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