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NBA Trade Deadline 2014: Impact On The Boston Celtics

Yesterday, 4 PM EST passed and no Boston Celtic was traded. There wasn’t much significant action throughout the league, but there were some deals that will impact the Atlantic Division both this year and in the future.

The Philadelphia 76ers traded away Spencer Hawes (To the Cleveland Cavaliers) and Evan Turner (To the Indiana Pacers). In return they grabbed a few extra second-round picks and Danny Granger‘s expiring contract. If the Sixers goal was to make it even more obvious that they were tanking, then they were successful. Turner and Hawes will leave minutes to many unproven and minimally talented players. I can’t imagine the Sixers winning five games from now until the rest of the season.

So how does this affect the Celtics? Well it means in the coming two or three years, the Sixers should be marked down on the schedule as a W, which for the C’s is great considering they play four times a season. The Sixers seem to be disinterested in meeting the minimal salary cap requirements for this season, meaning at some point in the next two years that they plan on bringing in at least two max contract free agents.

So when we look towards the future, there is certainly potential for the Sixers to create a powerhouse team that could stunt any development the Celtics may have worked towards. However, I trust the Celtics management to put together the right three to five year plan that will make this team one of the best in the division and probably the conference.

All-in-all the deadline didn’t really impact the Celtics. It was their non-action that impacted the C’s as Rajon Rondo and company will finish out the season and it seems that this core will be together for at least 25 more games or so.

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