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About Last Night: Boston Celtics Vs. Atlanta Hawks

Two struggling defensive teams showed why anyone can score on them last night. The Boston Celtics came away with a 115-104 victory over the Atlanta Hawks at the Garden. The star of the game was none other than…Jerryd Bayless?!?!?! With 29 points, Bayless owned the Hawks back court in a match-up I thought favored the Atlanta guards.The Celtics owned the Hawks on the glass, out-rebounding them 46-29 and tallying 14 offensive boards. Even Doc Rivers and the big three didn’t rebound the ball that well! Now that the exciting part is over, here are some more thoughts about the C’s win over the Hawks:

  • 8 shots by Gerald Wallace, and in my opinion, the best game he has had as a Celtics in his short time with the club. He finished with a double-double and played with some of that “Crash” hustle he had back in his younger years. When you look at Wallace, it’s hard to remember that he entered the league at 18 and is only 31 years old now. He looks like a 45 year-old pickup player who your friends dare to shoot from outside of 10 feet. Complementing Wallace didn’t last very long just then.
  • Co-star of the game with Bayless was captain Rajon Rondo. 22 points and 11 assists, but he also looked a bit quicker and a bit faster tonight than he has since returning from injury. Maybe it was that night off in LA he just had… I forgive him anyhow. Who would want to spend their birthday in Sacramento at the Sleep Train Arena.
  • Rondo also made up for his recent stint in the news with this great alley-oop to Jeff Green.

  • Speaking of Green…

The more I watch Green and Rondo play together, the more I am convinced that you could build a contending team around these guys, as long as their cap hit it less than $25 million a year. Hopefully Rondo doesn’t play his way into a max deal when his contract is up, but if Carlos Boozer can do it, than in the words of Kevin Garnett, “Anything is possible!” (P.S. Rondo will be getting max money).


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