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About Last Night: Boston Celtics Vs. Golden State Warriors

This game became unwatchable pretty quickly. The Golden State Warriors blew out the Boston Celtics 108-88 in a game that was fun to watch, well, if you bet on the Warriors. No one on the Celts looked like they wanted to be there. It was easily the most sluggish they have looked all season, while the Warriors just ran circles around them in each aspect of the game. Here are some more thoughts about last night’s contest:

  • Too many turnovers. The C’s seemed like they didn’t want to hold onto the ball at all last night. The Warriors were happy to have it on a night where they didn’t shoot well from the outside in the first half. 22 turnovers is just an embarrassment, even for a struggling Celtics team. Rajon Rondo had seven himself.
  • The Warriors shot 5-28 from three-point land, and they still won by 20. The Celtics were so concerned with the perimeter that David Lee and Andrew Bogut dominated the paint. Lee finished with 18 points and 10 boards in just 25 minutes.
  • Jermaine O’Neal received a ton of attention on twitter during his time in the 2nd quarter. Sure he played well, but I was surprised to see how much hatred from C’s fans was directed towards O’Neal. Be patient guys, he won’t make it to May.
  • 2pac enjoyed the game in non-hologram form. This was the most interesting thing that happened in the Garden last night and many people were wondering if the woman next to him knew it wasn’t the real 2pac. Either way it was great to see him in Boston, but I am pretty sure he is more of a Cali guy.
  • Here is a recap of last night’s game from the Warrior’s perspective, courtesy of Golden Gate Sports.

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