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Push It Real Good- Boston Celtics Vs. Detroit Pistons Preview

That is a site we hope to see a lot of tonight. The Boston Celtics welcome the Detroit Pistons to the Garden tonight, where every Josh Smith jumper will be welcomed with open arms! I am an avid supporter of the Celts losing games to get a better draft pick, but I also want the Pistons to struggle, forcing their hand to move Smith to say, I don’t know, the Celts??!?!

Rajon Rondo and J Smoove are good friends, and Boston could be the destination that gets the full potential out of Smith. Also, giving up Jeff Green and a bad contract, without mortgaging too many of our first-round picks would make sense to give this group a shot. It would provide the Celtics with a legitimate, defensive weapon who can protect the rim better than many seven-footers in the game today. That would take some pressure of guys like Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk, and also bolster the team’s rebounding, which is slowly getting better over the course of the season.

While all the above is just speculation, there still is a game to be played tonight. The Celtics are coming off an impressive win against the Brooklyn Nets, while the Pistons are coming off a loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Even with their poor play of late, the Pistons (and the Celtics) are still in the Eastern Conference playoff picture, which is very depressing.

The most interesting matchup to me is the point guard battle. Rondo will go at Brandon Jennings, and who ever plays a pinch of defense is going to win that matchup. That means, there may not be a winner. Rondo’s offense and jumper have been progressing since his return from injury, and if the Celtics are planning on trading him during this year’s draft, he is giving them a worthy showcase.

Look for a low-scoring, high-volume jumper game, with a ton of turnovers between these two teams. Both teams are going to want to push the ball, but neither will be very successful. It will be a close one, unless one team just doesn’t hit anything. Something tells me the Pistons are going to be that team tonight.

Prediction: Celtics 90, Pistons 78

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