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Boston Red Sox Owner Fires Back

Boston Red Sox owner John Henry didn’t like what the Miami Marlins thought about the Sox lineup the other day. After reading the lineup card earlier in the week, Marlins executives were “outraged” that only two regulars were in the Sox lineup, and that this was a “gross violation” of league rules. League rules states that at least four players that were regulars last year, or are competing for a position on the MLB club must be in the lineup.

Anyone who has been following the Sox knows about their injury troubles during this spring. Shane Victorino has been all over, and Jake Peavy‘s injury is still making the rounds as an internet goof. Keep in mind the injury reports teams receive before playing one another, and I don’t understand how Marlins executives are being serious.

This complaint come from a team that featured some of the worst lineups I have ever seen in 2013. Something tells me that Marlins owners aren’t considering giving 2013 season-ticket holders any refunds for what they trotted out last year. If you asked me to name the Marlins lineup off the top of my head, I couldn’t even come close to doing so. They are even entertaining a trade of their only star, Giancarlo Stanton. If he goes, good luck getting people to that ridiculous building they call a ballpark.

John Henry shares similar views to myself and much of the baseball world. This weekend, Henry tweeted, “They should apologize for their regular season lineup.” I am sure Henry will be getting a call from league offices soon, and will be getting a slap on the wrist, or the lightest of fines from the commissioner’s office.

I appreciate Henry’s honesty, as he is normally a behind-the-scenes guy who has been bashed for his behavior with the likes of Terry Francona and others. This side of Henry could really connect with Sox fans all over the country, and I hope he has a bit more ‘Mark Cuban,” in him over the course of the season. I wasn’t following his twitter account prior to the season, but now I know I will be checking it out after any Red Sox-related news.

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