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Breaking News: Vince Wilfork Asks For Release From New England Patriots

According to, Vince Wilfork has formally requested his release from the New England Patriots. All the talk around Wilfork has been that he would either be released by the team, or they would try and restructure his current contract. ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Wilfork is having none of that, and doesn’t want to restructure his contract at all.

The Patriots continue to be the talk of NFL free agency (Sorry Denver Broncos). This is big news for a team that has viewed Wilfork has a locker room leader since he arrived, and seeing him in another jersey would be off-putting. There are many that advocate cutting Wilfork due to his contract and injury woes, and with the signing of Darrelle Revis and rumors of the team being involved in other high-profile free agents, the Pats just can’t afford to pay Wilfork what he wants.

Vince knew that this was coming, and probably decided he wanted to take his future into his own hands. I still hope they can come to some sort of an agreement, but for now, it seems that Wilfork has played his last game in a New England Patriots uniform.

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