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Patriots free agency Day 4 recap: Pats solidify secondary with Browner

It was another nearly-stagnant day for the Patriots in the free agent market. But the good news is that they may have more money than originally thought. The Pats have approximately $16.8 million in cap space before the Revis signing, whose cap number is expected to be around $7 million. That leaves the Pats with a cool $9 million to make some more additions.

Brandon Browner:

After a deal with former Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner was falsely reported then vehemently denied by his agent, the situation has been resolved with a three-year $17 million contract. Browner skipped out on a trip to Washington and remained in New England for most of Friday as reports speculated that the deal was taking extra long due to Browner’s four-game suspension that he must serve at the beginning of the 2014 season. Browner had some strong early seasons in the league that were overshadowed by two drug-related suspensions. Given the Patriots’ history with troubled players, they’ll certainly make getting him back to his old form priority. Browner is huge for a defensive back at 6’4”, and it’s speculated that they may try to move him to strong safety.

Steve Smith:
We knew Steve Smith would go quickly. The former Carolina wide receiver is now a Baltimore Raven with a three-year, $11 million contract. Smith apparently canceled a trip to New England in the wake of the signing. It’s not a huge loss for the Patriots though, as that leaves one less suitor for Julian Edelman.

Vince Wilfork:

The future of Big Vince Wilfork is still uncertain. Wilfork’s agent is supposedly checking out the open market to see if it would be possible for the defensive tackle to get more in the open market than he would under the Patriots restructured deal offer. If Wilfork ends up being released, the Patriots would save $8 million in cap space. If his deal is restructured, it would be slightly less than that, but there’s no word on what exactly the restructured contract entails.

Letroy Guion:

It seems as though the Patriots are already preparing themselves in the event that Wilfork does walk. The team hosted defensive tackle Letroy Guion Friday for a free agent visit. Guion’s statistics were fairly solid in 2013, with 21 combined tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble. He’s better rated as a run defender than as a pass rusher.

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