Mar 17, 2014; Fort Myers, FL, USA; Boston Red Sox center fielder Grady Sizemore (38) and designated hitter David Ortiz (34) and second baseman Dustin Pedroia (15) celebrate Pedroia

Our Boston Red Sox, Outfield of Dreams?


There has been a lot of talk about the Red Sox outfield this season. Questions like; “Isn’t Jackie the future?”, “Can Sizemore hold up over the course of a season?”, “Where does Carp fit in?” etc. have cropped up with little in the way of a real answer coming from the Red Sox. I suppose we can always wait and see but Sox fans don’t normally care for that answer.

I wouldn’t call this Red Sox outfield a field of dreams but lets take a look at all the options, their stats from last season (and so far this Spring) and see if we can make any sense of this mess.


Daniel Nava (LF/RF)(SH)- 2013- .303AVG/.385OBP/ .831OPS, 12HR’s in 134 games. 2.9WAR

2014- .269AVG/.424OBP/1.001 OPS, 2HR’s in 11 games.


Mike Carp (LF/1st) (LH)- 2013- .296AVG/.362OBP/ .885OPS, 9HR’S in 86 games. 1.3WAR

2014- .214AVG/.290 OBP/.897OPS, 3HR’s in 13 games.


Grady Sizemore (CF) (LH)- 2011- .224AVG/.285OBP/ .706OPS, 10HR’s in 71 games. -.1WAR

2014- .381AVG/.409OBP/.838OPS,  0 HR’s in 7 games.


Shane Victorino (RF/CF) (SH)- 2013- .294AVG/.351OBP/ .801OPS, 15HR’s in 122 games. 6.1WAR

2014- .222AVG/.364OBP/.586OPS, 0 HR’s in 4 games.


Jackie Bradley Jr. (CF/LF) (LH)- 2013- .189AVG/.280 OBP/ .617OPS, 3HR’s in 37 games. -.3WAR

2014- .182AVG/.270 OBP/.573OPS, 0 HR’s in 11 games.


Jonny Gomes (LF/DH) (RH)- 2013- .247AVG/..344OBP/ .771OPS, 13HR’s in 116 games. 1.2WAR

2014- .214AVG/.241OBP/.563OPS, 1HR in 13 games.


In my opinion and regardless of whether Jackie Bradley Jr. is the future or not, he must be sent down to Pawtucket, continue to improve and then revisit the situation should an injury occur. Just look at Jackie’s stats from last season and this Spring, they are subpar, so in my mind he needs more time.

Grady Sizemore should be awarded the starting Center field/lead off hitter position, regardless of his injury concerns.

I’m not sure why there’s such a big debate over this, Grady has proven himself this Spring and Jackie hasn’t.

If over time there are needs at any one position, then and only then can trading a player such as Mike Carp, Daniel Nava or Jonny Gomes be discussed, for now I wouldn’t trade an outfielder. For now the only player I would trade, that really isn’t needed, is Ryan Lavarnway, who the Sox have recently made available. Go Sox!


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