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Jonny Gomes: All-American ballplayer

Jonny Gomes is known for his kindness and team spirit, and on Wednesday he was nice enough to get a gift for his teammates. When the guys showed up to the locker room Tuesday, they were welcomed by one of these in everyone’s locker:

Originally, it was assumed that Gomes made the purchase for the White House visit next Tuesday, but the Boston Herald reported that Gomes didn’t necessarily have a special occasion for them.

“No, just a gift,” Gomes said. “Guys can wear ‘em whenever.”

Still, Gomes does plan on giving one of those beautiful blazers to the President when the team visits.

I’m sure President Obama will wear it often.

The blazers are made by LoudMouth Golf, and you can purchase one for yourself if you’re so inclined. It will cost you a pretty penny to dress like the Red Sox though, as each one costs 395 bucks a pop. Considering Gomes bought one for everyone, he probably spent around $16,000. But hey, it’s not cheap to look that good. Personally though, I think he should’ve splurged even more for the matching pants.

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