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Boston Red Sox To Receive 2013 World Series Rings

One last chance to celebrate the 2013 Boston Red Sox season. Today, the Sox host the Milwaukee Brewers at Fenway Park in their first home game of the season. As the ritual goes, the team will get their 2013 World Series Championship rings in front of a full house of satisfied Red Sox fans.

They will also raise the 2013 championship banner alongside the most recent ones of 2004 and 2007. The ring ceremony itself isn’t as tear-enducing as it once was, say in 2004, but it is a nice reminder of the accomplishments  these Sox, and the Red Sox of the last decade have achieved.

I am a young man, but much like the older members of Red Sox Nation, I too feared that I would go to my grave without ever seeing a championship banner raised outside of Fenway Park. After the Aaron Boone fiasco of 2003, I was at my lowest. School seemed like the ultimate chore for a devout Sox fan living in New York. Trust me, I had plenty of other things to be made fun of for and the last thing I needed was another reminder about how the Yankees owned the Red Sox. Let’s just say the winter of 2003-04 wasn’t a kind one.

It is hard for any Red Sox fan to forget where they were when Dave Roberts stole that base in the 2004 ALCS. Or when David Ortiz sent the series back to New York in Game 5. And every time the Sox win a championship, the memories of 2004 come up in our own minds, and in YouTube video montages that can make any grown man cry at work.

This year’s ring ceremony is a bit farther removed from the 2004 title run, but it is not too much different. Part of what made 2004 special was the identity of the team, and the chemistry those guys had was something unseen in clubhouses all over the league. The 2013 group is very similar in that regard, and seeing those guys get what they deserve (in a good way!) is something that may bring tears of joy to many in the greater Boston area.


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