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Fan frustration mounting as Red Sox struggle


After a disastrous 2012 season the Red Sox were expected to be a better team going into the 2013 season but no one expected them to actually win a Championship. Even ownership expected less than 90 wins.

I’m not sure what they had envisioned (for number of wins) this year but as a fan you’d have to expect they would once again compete for a title. Well here we are, ¼ of the way through the 2014 season and what we are left with is a team below .500, 2 ½ games out of first place and with little to no identity, never mind no “heart”.

Heart that “willed” them to countless come-from-behind victories last year. Where has that heart gone to? Who are these 2014 Red Sox?

It would appear that GM Ben Cherington miscalculated when he didn’t replace Jacoby Ellsbury. Not having that true lead-off hitter has completely changed the line-up and not for the better.

Last year I felt they could’ve used a solid power hitter behind Mike Napoli but never got it. So you can imagine how much I love this line-up now (insert sarcasm). The theory being when you have three big sluggers hitting in a row, at least one of them will see a steady diet of Fastballs to hit.

Another area I feel Ben has erred in is; Trying to have what amounts to three Rookies in the lineup everyday. Most teams will introduce one, maybe two young players at any given time but never three, unless your Houston or alike.

Just look at their present batting stats:


Xander Bogaerts: .254AVG/.360 OBP/.348SLG/.708OPS


Jackie Bradley Jr: .200AVG/.301OBP/.296SLG/.597OPS


Will Middlebrooks: .197AVG/..305OBP/.324SLG/.629OPS


Then you add in hitters that helped carry last years team, that have either struggled this year or are now in the Minor leagues; Daniel Nava and Mike Carp respectfully. We’re left with a team that looks more like a Patchwork quilt than a real baseball team. If not for the pitching staff, this team would probably be stuck in the cellar, shades of 2012.

How long do we remain content that they won a Championship last year? Must we completely forget about this year’s team?

I know it’s still early, but how long should we wait before expecting Ben to make a move or two?

If he waits for the trade deadline it may be too late to save the season, flat division or not, this team needs an injection of life!

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