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Belichick not interested in trading Ryan Mallett

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Many people thought that after the Houston Texans took Jadaveon Clowney with the first pick, there was a possibility they would trade for Ryan Mallett. Mallett honestly hasn’t done much during his time in the NFL, which is a great thing for Patriots fans, because it means Tom Brady has been on the field. Even though he hasn’t had the chance to prove himself, being a backup to Tom Brady and being a part of the Patriot Way is enough for some NFL teams to want him. Matt Cassel and Brian Hoyer are proof. There are 2 reasons why it makes sense the Patriots didn’t pull the trigger on a trade for Mallett during the 2014 draft. #1 is that no one was willing to come to the table with the right price. The Patriots weren’t just going to take a ham sandwich for Ryan Mallett; Bill Belichick is smarter than that. #2 is that there are no reliable veteran QBs out there to help bridge the gap between Brady and rookie 2nd round draft choice and potential successor to Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo. Had there been any other possibilities out there, the Patriots may have been willing to trade Mallett for a discount. Bill Belichick said about trading Mallett–“That’s not really something that we’re that interested in.” In Belichick language, that’s no winning endorsement.

The most interesting story of Mallett’s career will now most likely be this time next year, when his rookie contract is up and he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Not trading Mallett this offseason isn’t actually bad for the Patriots. They can keep all 3 QBs on the roster and when Mallett’s contract is up, the two will amicably part ways. For him, this offseason/preseason is the most important showing of his career. If he can shine, there are plenty of QB-hungry teams that will give him a substantial deal. If not, he’ll be unemployed. Talk about motivation. At the end of the day, the Patriots really only care about Tom Brady. He is the center of the universe. Patriots fans never want to think about the day when Brady steps down from the throne but it’s been the theme of this offseason. We all realize that Brady is going to be 37 and it’s time to plan for the future. It’s clear that in drafting Jimmy Garopollo, the Patriots don’t believe Ryan Mallett is the future.

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