Dec 16, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love (42) drives past Boston Celtics power forward Kris Humphries (43) during the fourth quarter of Boston

What To Think Of The Kevin Love & Carmelo Anthony Rumors?

It has been a hectic week with the latest rumors revolving around both Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony coming to the Boston Celtics.

Even reading that top sentence just seems kind of out of this world, but there definitely is chatter about this being a possibility. Sportsgrid, a sports website that may not be the most reliable source, opened up this discussion this week and it has created waves all over the internet. Though the major outlets such as ESPN and Rotoworld have not talked about any of these rumors, it hasn’t stopped places like CBS Boston from wondering about the trio of Rajon Rondo, Love,and Anthony.

So as a Celtics fan, what can we make of the latest buzz around this potential big three? First of all, as in any rumor mill, we have to wait to see if any source close to the players eventually meet with Boston officials.

Love has been hanging around Boston recently and met up with Rondo and even got some advice from David Ortiz. Though nothing has been discussed publically regarding a trade, we saw this before with Kevin Garnett. It would be surprising if Danny Ainge hasn’t kicked the tires on some kind of deal, especially with their two first-round picks this season.

Concerning a Love deal to Boston, the C’s would need to get rid of a decent amount of money to even offer Anthony the max-contract he is going to sign at some point this summer. There has been no real evidence linking ‘Melo to Boston, so I am wondering where the Sportsgrid guys are getting their information. Phil Jackson will still have just a bit of a say in what Carmelo does next season.

Today, we can definitely speculate on a Love deal and play with the ESPN trade machine to see what would work for both sides. As for Anthony, let’s wait and see who is the next coach of the New York Knicks, and if anything slips out of his mouth about wanting to go somewhere else definitively. Anthony made a comment about what it would be like to be a free agent, but that isn’t enough to convince me. He did it in Denver, it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear him mention some destinations this summer either.

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