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Boston Among U.S. Cities Up For 2024 Olympics

The United States Olympic Committee announced that there are four U.S. cities being considered to represent the country for the 2024 Summer Olympics and one of them is our beloved Boston.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and  Washington DC join Boston as the cities that could serve as the US candidate for the 2024 Olympic bid. There is a long process ahead before is it narrowed down to one city, but it would be interesting to see if Boston gets an opportunity to host its first Olympics.

It is estimated that hosting an Olympic games would cost anywhere from six to nine billion dollars, which is tricky without any funding from the federal government, which has long been the due process in the USA. This makes the feasibility of the event a bit more difficult, and even the representatives from both Boston and San Francisco have released statements saying they would only want the bid if they really think they can win it for the US, and not place in second or below.

That sounds like an early bow out to me, but perhaps there is a real sentiment that a city like Los Angeles or Washington DC may be better suited to host the games, as well as draw more press and interest on a global scale. The history of Boston and its role in the development of this country would be a great showcase to first-time visitors of the US. That may not be enough to convince the USOC to put Boston up for a bid, and then to have the International Olympic Committee chose Boston over its competitors.

However, there will no doubt be support from the people of Boston to get the chance to show what this city is made of, especially after the “Boston Strong” display of last year. Having a Summer games in this city would exceed any expectations of both locals and the rest of the country and give “Boston Strong” an entirely new meaning.

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