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Former Patriots CB Aqib Talib Arrested in Dallas?

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Since the Patriots swapped out Pro Bowl cornerbacks from Aqib Talib to Darrelle Revis, things have been mostly quiet surrounding the two players (except for when Talib picked Peyton Manning over his former teammate Tom Brady earlier this offseason).

This weekend, reports out of the Dallas Police Department brought Talib’s name to the forefront again. In a strange twist of events, Dallas PD Major Max Geron tweeted from his official account that the Broncos cornerback, who signed a 6 year $57 million contract with the Broncos in March, was arrested after throwing bottles and causing a drunken disturbance at a local Dallas nightclub for an NFL camp after-party.

Before Talib joined the Patriots, he was more well-known for his off the field struggles than his on field play, which is why the arrest didn’t come as a surprise to many. Patriots media jumped on the story and arguments about The Patriot Way keeping Talib’s behavior in check surfaced. In 2008 at the NFL rookie symposium, Aqib Talib was involved in a fight with a fellow rookie. A year later, Aqib allegedly beat up a taxi driver and was charged with resisting arrest without violence and simple battery. A few years later in 2011, a warrant was issued for Talib’s arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when he supposedly fired shots at his sister’s boyfriend. The charges were later dropped. Talib’s troubled history combined with Aaron Hernandez‘s pending murder trial may have had something to do with the Patriots letting Talib go to the Broncos in the 2014 offseason, though losing Talib and gaining Revis has made Patriots fans a little more comfortable with that decision.

Quickly after the tweet from Maj. Geron was posted, Aqib’s agent Todd France replied assuring the Denver Post that it was not him. For a few hours, confusion mounted until Geron deleted the tweets around the arrest and issued an apology to Aqib Talib, stating instead that his brother Yaqub Talib was arrested.

Given Aqib’s history of violence and run-in’s with the law, media and fans didn’t seem surprised when the initial reports came out.  In an age of instant updates and Twitter reports replacing regular media coverage, Sunday’s debacle proves that sometimes we should stop speculating before we know all the facts. That means you too, Dallas Police Department.

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  • Mark Garhart

    This article is a cheap shot. Way to pull out the journalistic moral high ground in your final salvo after you dredge up all the man’s past simply due to the fact that his brother was arrested. To be honest this article deserves a delete and an apology in the same vein the DPD tweet was addressed. Day late and a dollar short and if you really think it’s a story worth telling about jumping the gun by the DPD, you start with that fact not end on it.

  • BobbyP

    The easiest way to keep journalists from writing stories about crap that you may or may not have done, is to not put yourself in the position or place to be accused of anything . I realize that these are young men that have been thrust into a situation where everyone is looking for a story, but just use some common sense. If what I have read is correct, Major Max was more than eager to feather his own cap by dropping a tweet before he had a clue . Lord knows that in my youth , I made an ass of my self , but no one cared.