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Boston Bruins lose out on Iginla, what’s plan B?

For weeks now most of us have known the Bruins would be hard pressed to retain the services of Jarome Iginla given their proximity to the Cap ceiling. There was always the possibility a salary clearing trade could’ve occurred but to this point it has not.

In my opinion the Bruins would never have given Iggy a 3 year deal, it just wouldn’t make sense to continue to pigeon-hole themselves financially to an aging player. So gone is our former 30 goal scorer. Now what can the Bruins do to replace him?


It is unlikely they will be able to pull off a trade to acquire another 30 goal scorer, so the options are trade for less or sign a Free Agent player like Radim Vrbata, a right shot Right Wing previously of the Coyotes. Not knowing exactly who is available in trade, I love the idea of signing Vrbata and I believe he would work very well with fellow Countrymen David Krejci on the top line. UPDATE: Vrbata has signed with the Vancouver Canucks (7/02/2014).


Various reports have suggested the B’s could move present 3rd line RW Loui Eriksson (who is really a LW) up to the top line. I hate this idea and I’ll share with you why.

1. Loui has only scored 30 goals (or more) once in his career and that was for a wide open western offense, not the Bruins closed offense.

2. Like I said above, even though Eriksson can play either wing he is a left shot forward that would be better served on the left side, not the right.

3. Loui now has a history of concussions. If he were to take another hit to the head (and were out of commission for any length of time), who would replace him? Much easier to replace him on the 3rd line, while only supplying 10-12 goals.

4. The B’s need to clear cap space and not just for this year but going forward as they have a number of players that will need to be re-signed, (Krejci, Boychuk, Soderberg), trading Loui’s salary could give them much needed relief.

5. David Krejci has always played with a Right shot Right winger.


Stay tuned as you never know what Peter Chiarelli may do. We’ll either be left shaking our heads, screaming out loud or happy. Go B’s!

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