Brad Stevens Finishes ALS Challenge, Asks Us To Do It

Mar 1, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens during the fourth quarter of Indiana

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has spoken, taking the internet-sweeping ALS challenge and asking Celtics fans to do the same.

The ALS challenge is done to raise awareness about the disease, and the challenge involves taking an ice bucket and pouring it over your head, not before asking others to take part in the challenge right before that freezing water is poured over your head.

Here is the video of Stevens properly executing the ALS ice bucket challenge:

The coach has asked us to take part now that he has completed the challenge, and I expect that videos will be popping up all over YouTube of Celtics’ fans all over the globe pouring ice water over themselves. Maybe we will see some of the players on the C’s roster doing the same, which would make for some great fodder.

Now that the video is up, does this mean that I have to do the ALS challenge? What about the rest of the writing staff at Chowder & Champions? Surely out viewers will be some of those Celtics fans that will be posting their ice-bucket experiences on the internet.

Speak up if you would like to see any member of our staff complete this challenge to help raise awareness for ALS, and if you would like us to post your video on here of you doing this challenge, just let us know by messaging our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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