Boston Red Sox: The Facts about Clay Buchholz

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY SportsSome point soon the Red Sox will have to make a decision on Clay Buchholz, to pick up his 2016 option which would ensure him a roster and rotation spot for next year OR Do they buy him out ($0.245M buyout) OR Do they sign him then trade him?

Some of the comments I have heard (or seen) shock me with regard to picking up Clay Buchholz‘s option for next year; after all why look at the facts when you can just shoot from the hip right? I figured I would offer some Facts to help people rationalize this properly in their mind.


  1. We all know Buchholz is the model of Inconsistency. Here is a yearly list of his ERA’s from 2008 til 2015: 6.75, 4.21, 2.33, 3.48, 4.56, 1.74, 5.34, 3.26  Up, down, up, down should be his middle name.


  1. We all know Buchholz can’t stay healthy and misses time every year. So Health is always an issue. Here is a list of his number of Starts and Innings Pitched in the same time period. 15-GS/76 IP, 16-GS/92 IP, 28-GS/173.2 IP, 14-GS/82.2 IP, 29-GS/189.1 IP,  16-GS/108.1 IP, 28-GS/ 170.1 IP, 18-GS/ 113.1 IP (2015 Wins- 7)

Keep in mind you are paying $13m for a partial season and you don’t know whether he’ll be the Good Clay or the Bad Clay. Also keeping in mind there Are viable, cheaper options available (See below) and his money could be used elsewhere, like the Bullpen…


  1. Salary vs Option available. First let me say, Can we please stop saying $13m is cheap without looking at things in full context. If Clay we’re a dependable starter that went out there all year long then Yes that’s a cheap salary But he isn’t and it isn’t. That money could be used to pay two to three new Bullpen arms, something this team desperately needs. And as I said above there are viable Replacements. Here is a list of In-house candidates (stats to date):

      Steven Wright: 3-4, 3.96ERA, 9-GS/52.1 IP

      Joe Kelly: 7-6, 5.18ERA, 21-GS/113 IP

      Henry Owens: 2-1, 4.50ERA, 4-GS/24 IP

      Brian Johnson: See Minor league stats.


Trade Candidates (With Salaries):

Matt Harvey ($614k 2015), Zach Wheeler ($546k 2015), Danny Salazar, Carlos Carrasco ($4.5m 2016), Sonny Gray ($513k 2015), Tyson Ross ($5.25m 2015).

That’s 10 cheaper options to replace Buchholz right there.


As you can see the facts tell us it’s time to move on from Clay. I wouldn’t even take the chance of picking up his option (in hopes of trading him) because id be afraid he couldn’t be traded and we’d be stuck with him for another year. It’s time to “Walk away Rene!” as the old song suggests. It’s just time.