New England Patriots: 5 things we love about Rob Gronkowski

BUFFALO, NY - OCTOBER 30: Rob Gronkowski
BUFFALO, NY - OCTOBER 30: Rob Gronkowski /
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Gronk the entertainer

As dominant as Rob Gronkowski is on the football field, New England Patriots fans have grown accustomed to his larger than life personality off the field.

The big tight end has appeared at just about every major sporting event, bared all in ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, appeared on a cooking show, and has even tried his hand at acting in a couple of movies.

With all he has done off the field since entering the NFL, it is apparent that Patriots tight end will have a future in the world of entertainment when his football career is over.  He is already starting to make that leap with the movies and seems destined for the WWE.

Yes, the WWE.

Gronkowski used his football moves while making a cameo at Wrestlemania 33.  The 27-year-old tight end pulled off his shirt, jumped in the ring and ran head on into WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal.  All of this was in defense of his buddy Mojo Rawley.

Of course, the action made headlines.  Gronkowski was just months from back surgery, which made Patriots fans and media members pretty nervous.  However, it showed his back was okay (at least when it comes to the world of entertainment) and his personality is made for the WWE, if he decides to go that route once his NFL career is over.

Besides his entertainment value, New England Patriots fans get a kick out of his partying style.  Rob Gronkowski turns Super Bowl parades into block parties and never turns down an opportunity to dance on the field.