Dec 30, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) celebrates on the field following a 20-13 victory over the St. Louis Rams at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman, U a jerk bro?

We all know people like Richard Sherman.

He’s the popular jock in high school that got away with murder, figuratively speaking, because of his popularity and skill.

He was the guy that would pick on the geeky kids, that would be in the Principal’s office for any number of transgressions and would emerge two minutes later with said principal giving him a friendly slap on the back and a sharp smile, satisfied with the explanation he was given because, well, there was a big game coming up.

He’s a bully.  He’s the soap opera antagonist,  The man you just love to hate – a Lifetime Movie Villain.

He’s the Seattle Seahawk cornerback that had his people get him off from a four game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy because his urine sample was compromised due to “leaky packaging“, something that doesn’t sit well with many, particularly with some members of the Washington Redskins, his team’s opponent Sunday evening…linebacker Kedric Golston labeling him “A cheater”.

And Patriots’ fans will remember Sherman from him getting up in Tom Brady’s face after the Seattle Seahawks defeated New England back in October (recapped here).  But getting in his face wasn’t enough.  No, he took to social media to let the world know about the encounter by tweeting a photo of him yelling at Brady, accompanied by the text, “U mad bro?”

The Patriots may be upset about that, yes.

They may be upset that two of their players got nailed for doing the same thing you did, but they weren’t devious enough to think up the “Leaky Packaging” horse manure defense and served their suspensions – come to think of it, didn’t your partner in the Seahawks’ secondary get nailed at the same time you did, admitted his usage and accepted and served his suspension?

Sherman is a big dude.  He’s as tough and as physical a defensive back as you will find, as talented a specimen as you will find in just his second year.  Too bad he’s such a jerk.

In the NFL, brash equals confidence, a lone sway from the straight path makes you misunderstood – but being a poor sportsman makes you hated…and left off the 2012 Pro Bowl roster, a notable snub from the all star team despite being well qualified…

…and getting out of a suspension due to a supposed flaw in the system?  That doesn’t make you any less guilty, it just means that the principal has to accept your explanation with a smile and a pat you on the back.

After this evening’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins’ tackle Trent Williams got the same treatment that Tom Brady got, but Williams was in no mood to deal with Sherman’s insolent taunting, and shoved a big right hand in Sherman’s face.

Williams later sent a text to Sherman, apologizing for the incident – and what did Sherman do?  Right, used it to his advantage, sending out a tweet that Williams had offered his apologies, stating that “This is an emotional game no ill will”.

And that makes it all ok, of course, without any mention of his getting up in Williams’ face to cause the whole thing in the first place.

Undoubtedly, Williams will be fined by the commissioner – and nothing will happen with Sherman, because taunting after a ball game and being a jerk aren’t against the rules, but they are the “leaky package” defense that has allowed Sherman to weasel out of trouble for probably his entire life.

At least, that’s what his behavior would lead us to believe – and so far, he’s done nothing to convince decent people otherwise.

Given this, I wonder how badly Brady wants another shot at him and the Seahawks.  Publicly, there will not be a word said, because that’s not the way class people handle their affairs.  But privately?

You just don’t blow off something like that, and perhaps in some calculated, premeditated way he as well as his New England teammates are secretly hoping that Seattle runs the NFC table, hoping that the karma gods give the Patriots the shot at embarrassing Sherman and the Seahawks on the biggest stage in professional sports.

And therein lies the soap opera, the Lifetime movie where the good guys always come out on top – after the obligatory drama and violence, of course.

I don’t profess to know anything about Brady, just as I don’t profess to know anything about Sherman…maybe he’s a Saint in his private life – a benevolent soul with a heart for philanthropy and a piggy bank that never runs dry.

But when large tackles with a gentle demeanor want to shove their fist in your eye after the game is over, most people don’t veiw you as having enough class to show good sportsmanship.

What are we supposed to think?  You don’t give us any other choice.

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  • Justa Guy

    Actually, Sherman was a geek himself in school. He actually didn’t pick on anyone and stopped the “dumb jocks” from picking on HIS FRIENDS that were geeks too. Nice of you to spout off about something you know absolutely NOTHING about. “Excellence in journalism” doesn’t mean anything anymore. I think you should actually do a little research PRIOR to writing an article instead of just ASSUMING you know what you’re writing about.

    Sherman actually RE-tweeted the pic of him that someone had SENT HIM that included the “U MAD BRO”. You can actually see this in the tweet itself… that is what the “RT” means on the tweets themselves. I know this because I can research things quite easily, something, it seems, you don’t lower yourself into doing.

    Tom Brady mouths off a lot during games. It’s friendly banter that goes on in EVERY game. Peyton Manning does too. I would bet that if twitter were around when they were young that they too would engage in twitter wars of sorts. Get over it.

    As for “cheating”, blow it out your backside and cry me a river. Lower yourself to my level and actually do a little research. Read what actually happened.

    People that aren’t Seahawk fans SHOULD hate the guy, HE’S REALLY GOOD at what he does. As a Seahawk fan, I welcome the hatred from lazy journalists like you. Lazy articles like this one just add to the chip on his shoulder.

    • Cao Wong

      I absolutely the fact that this pats fan (I refuse to refer to him as a journalist) left out the part where Earl was trying to have a friendly conversation with Brady, at which point Brady nodded to the scoreboard (then 23-10), sneered and said “see me after the game when we win.” That was why Sherm went to him in the first place. Don’t leave out the facts, because your article has no context from which to make this almighty judgement of a man’s character.

    • Hawkman54

      GREAT !!!!! You should be the new Journalist writing for this site!

  • disqus_Z3l6bLdz3T

    whatever dude yeah sherman’s a jackass sometimes but hey man a faulty test is a faulty test your biased against the team as whole because of your love for the patriots. Tom Brady while he’s “classy” on the field is politically and socially pretty crappy from a “humanitarian” standpoint

  • disqus_8uTkp82LAz

    Yeah Tommy B was running his mouth off prior to the Hawk v Pats game. He made all types of subtle jabs including thinking he could turn the 12th Man against the Hawks. So, you can choke on that one, Michael Hamm.

    Sherman talks a lot of trash but every team has that. He is the best cover corner in the league and all-world. I’ll take that any day.

    So, Hammy, don’t you have anything better to write about? Seriously. Pats aren’t even playing the Hawks next week. Obviously Sherman got to you too and your butt buddy Tommy B. Get out of your mom’s basement and get a life, Hampton.

  • Brandon Quickhands Lachance

    Seahawk fans are just as classless as Sherman. Don’t listen to the haters, they have sucked so long they think winning a game against the Redskins is the equivalent of a superbowl win.

    • Leo

      Nice nic-name “Quickhands”…. as for being a Seahawk fan – I’m sure what you meant to say was that everyone goes through a dry spell. And that includes you – that’s why you have to post a nic-name to get past that which you lack – class and a clue! Sounds to me like you’re no better than anyone else!

    • Hawkman54

      Sucked so long ? Really is that why we won our divison five years in a row – went on a two year drought then back, then the Whiners won last year and by 1/2 a game this year but the Hawks are in and movin on! Quickhands must be from poundin your P** !!!!!

    • Brandon Quickhands Lachance

      Lol we’ve had 11 years of utterly dominant football, the Seacocks continuously talk shit. If it weren’t for Russel Wilson your team wouldn’t be worth anything. It’s unclassy to fake punt on 4th with a large lead, and don’t get me wrong your fan base is very loud and proud and that’s respectable, but I mean how you gunna talk shit AFTER the game?!?! How are you going to come up and disrespect a good writer because you differ in opinion? No class… Enjoy the Seacouch Mermen…

  • det8frat

    Besides, I think Peyton Manning has something to say about your plan for revenge…
    Showboat, cocky athletes are LOVED by people, as much as I hate that. Look at Revis, Primetime, etc. I’m just glad we have one on our team for once. Football is about the mental game as much as physical. Just think about all the smack that’s said in the batter’s box. Sherman is not only fantastically gifted as an athlete, but the guy is smart (did well at Stanford). And you never see him getting violent do you? (well, no, because you probably don’t watch any of our games) He never lets others get to him. He never gets stupid penalties. He’s smart and he knows what he’s doing.
    And the fact that you don’t like him, means it’s working!
    Go Hawks!

    • vlad the impaler

      “the guy did well at Stanford”???you are about one stupid muthr fukr,he didn’t have to take any tests you nigger lovin moron,yopu are a poor excuyse for a white man you pussy asshole,go suk his dik if you love him so much homo.he’s about as smart as a tightly coiled pile of dogshit,denver will fuk you like the niggrhawks you are.cocky athletes are pricks anyone who supports this busta rhymes lookin freak is a fuckin homo,thats you asshole.niggr lover,.fantasticalkly gifted….lol…lmao…maybe compared to you.what a loser,bandwagon jumpin muthr fukr.

      • det8frat

        You are commenting on a post from last year? Bigoted comments? Poor grammar and spelling? And not talking about the topic but poking at the person posting? I’m going to go out on a limb and say “I’m better at life than you!”

  • Bronco Walser

    Nice, Sherman gets punched in the face and you blame him?! “He was asking for it” i guess. You’re the journalistic equivalent of an abusive husband.

    And in regards to the test; I doubt you’d be so cavalier about faulty tests if your best bud Tom (classy?? is that a joke?) had been the victim of such shoddy testing procedures. Proper testing procedure isn’t “a flaw in the system.” It’s a legitimate process to ensure against false positives, which can and do occur.

    Your bias is oozing all over the page. A crummy article by a crummy journalist.

  • Guest

    Seahawks fans acting cocky over one less than mediocre season in their history,i mean besides coughing it up in the one and only superbowl you had the misfortune of getting too, want have you accomplished since that faithful day?
    you dopes

    • Matt Klug

      That is such a lame argument. Who cares what happened last year? It’s in the past, I’m not stating the Seahawks are a more storied franchise, we’re just stating that this year we’ve beaten more winning teams than any other NFL team and we can play with anyone right now. You know you’re scared for your team when you have to resort to discussing the history of a team rather than the team you actually have playing today.

    • Spokanedad

      Dopes? So look at some facts.. Take away Brady and/or Belicheck from the Patriots and you have a very mediocre team.. Perhaps Brady being the greater hit.. Don’t get me wrong “guest”, I respect the Patriots franchise and give props to what they’ve accomplished over the years..
      So how exactly do you take a franchise like the Hawks and rebuild it and transform it from the limited success they have had? You build it with Personalities that not only have high caliber NFL talent but are impervious (if not a bit arrogant) to the history of the franchise.. Which is exactly what the Hawks have done. From the HC to the QB to the defensive backfield to Marshawn Lynch and the O-Line. They all play with attitude, which they have to to beat the kind of teams they have this year and broken the chains.

      Does this always sit well (Sherman’s trash talk) with all of us? Not always, but these kids will mellow mouth-wise over time..

      And to the other point many have already made-Brady talks plenty of smack. I was at the game on the side lines when they played. He runs his mouth plenty. Usually backs it up too, which is the first requirement to running your mouth. Now my beloved Hawks are walking their talk as well..
      Make sure your own back yard is cleaned up before you try to comment on ours..

  • Guest

    Seahawks fans acting cocky over one less than mediocre season in their
    history,i mean besides coughing it up in the one and only superbowl you
    had the misfortune of getting too, what have you accomplished since that
    faithful day?
    you dopes

    • Hawkman54

      You mean getting screwed by the officials- Four bad /blown calls , REALLY !!!!!

  • Matt Klug

    This is an article of trash. Yes, it does make him less guilty, it actually makes him innocent until proven guilty. The tester had a history of disputed tests and admitted that the he used a separate cup that quite possibly could’ve had Browner’s urine in it or someone else’s. The great thing about our country is we give you the benefit of the doubt, collect information and then make an educated judgment based on facts! The facts are the testing person used a broken cup and then grabbed an unsealed cup to hold the urine sample. Is he guilty or innocent? I truly don’t know, but since the original test sample was tainted there is no way you can 100% say he’s guilty or innocent, so the test has to be thrown out. He’s been tested every week once they found the tainted cup, so I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he didn’t use. Also from the beginning he’s stated his innocence.

  • ricefield

    What an article from a blog of a team noted for cheap shot players like Rodney Harrison (admitted on NBC) and cheating in general like Josh McDaniels who got caught twice (New England and Denver). Sherman was smart enough to use the Braun defense. Coach Cheaterchik is famous for his less than forthcoming injury report. Quite a legacy. Not quite up to the Auerbach/Russell Celtics. That is a real legacy to be proud of.

  • Michael Duerre

    This “journalist”–who is obviously a NE homer–has the stones to bash Sherman for cheating? WTF? This article is a freaking joke! “I wonder how badly Brady wants another shot at him [Sherman] and the Seahawks.” he questions.
    “Publicly, there will not be a word said, because that’s not the way
    class people handle their affairs.” Seriously???!!!!! Class people???!!! What an f’ing hypocrite!!! Didn’t Belichick get busted for cheating or did I imagine the whole Spygate thing??? Sherman allegedly took a drug that helps people focus better mentally, we can assume to up his personal game. Bill Belichick and the Pats coaching staff video recorded the opposing teams so that they could give their entire team an unfair advantage!! How the hell does this qualify the Patriots organization as “class people?” “Class people” don’t have to pay $500,000 fines for cheating!

    • vlad the impaler

      stfu you niggr lover go suk his dick homo.

  • Hawkman54

    Terrible misinfo by a Pats fan that is still pissed because you lost to the Hawks. Crybaby !!!!

  • timE

    “But when large tackles with a gentle demeanor want to shove their fist in your eye” Are you serious? This guy headbutts little running backs during coin flips. Watch the video moron. He had his fist in Sherman’s face the after the very first play. The Redskins have been populated by cheap-shot artists as long as I can remember. When Seattle played them in the 2005 playoffs one player deliberately ran his knee into Shaun Alexanders head knocking him out. Who was the Defensive DC then? Oh yea-Greg Williams. Your beloved Patriots are not getting past Denver as Denver actually has a defense and can defend the pass. I would love it though…Seattle against the patriots as Seattle throws over your DB’s time and time again.

  • footblltech

    Really were you there to even hear what he said? Maybe big boy Trent said something to Sherman and then he said something back that made BIG boy Trent mad. I just saying your spouting off with your mouth and you don’t even know what your talking about. Your talking about something you saw not heard. It looked like the Redskins were spouting off out there the hole 1st part of the game well that is until they knew the game was going the Seahawks way that is. Maybe you need to really find out what is going on before you start picking on people. In my book you no better then what your trying to make Sherman look like. Who the hell is your boss for letting you write so much crap.

  • Kevin Kawamura

    I love this. Seattle is no longer the “soft” team we were criticized in our 2005 Super Bowl run. We have “swagger”. Good teams have that thing like the Steelers. Everyone’s so afraid of us now that’s why there’s a lot of haters. That’s good cause if were were crappy no one would cry about what our players do.

    • vlad the impaler

      yeah it helps to have the officials in your pocket you little squid eating jap muthr fukr,nobody is scared of are a bunch of cheating niggr punks.i got your hater right here,youre gonna lose the superbowl mark my words.chickenhawks are losers .

  • ItsFinnagain

    I’m sorry but saying Tom Brady and Class in the same sentence is laughable. Not a Seahawk fan but only in New England would anyone say Tom Brady has class.

  • ItsFinnagain

    After Seattle’s win over the Washington Redskins – a chippy game that included trash talking from both teams leading up to the contest, Williams approached Sherman at midfield.

    But instead of the customary handshake, Williams, who kept his helmet on, greeted Sherman with an open-handed slap.

    Sherman said that Williams came up to him and told him he was going to take a swing at him.

    “Then swing,” Sherman said. “He thought I was going to be scared. I’m not scared of him.”

    Read more here:

  • banzaimf

    Audio of the horrific things that Sherman said to Trent Williams.