Dec 30, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) celebrates on the field following a 20-13 victory over the St. Louis Rams at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman, U a jerk bro?

We all know people like Richard Sherman.

He’s the popular jock in high school that got away with murder, figuratively speaking, because of his popularity and skill.

He was the guy that would pick on the geeky kids, that would be in the Principal’s office for any number of transgressions and would emerge two minutes later with said principal giving him a friendly slap on the back and a sharp smile, satisfied with the explanation he was given because, well, there was a big game coming up.

He’s a bully.  He’s the soap opera antagonist,  The man you just love to hate – a Lifetime Movie Villain.

He’s the Seattle Seahawk cornerback that had his people get him off from a four game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy because his urine sample was compromised due to “leaky packaging“, something that doesn’t sit well with many, particularly with some members of the Washington Redskins, his team’s opponent Sunday evening…linebacker Kedric Golston labeling him “A cheater”.

And Patriots’ fans will remember Sherman from him getting up in Tom Brady’s face after the Seattle Seahawks defeated New England back in October (recapped here).  But getting in his face wasn’t enough.  No, he took to social media to let the world know about the encounter by tweeting a photo of him yelling at Brady, accompanied by the text, “U mad bro?”

The Patriots may be upset about that, yes.

They may be upset that two of their players got nailed for doing the same thing you did, but they weren’t devious enough to think up the “Leaky Packaging” horse manure defense and served their suspensions – come to think of it, didn’t your partner in the Seahawks’ secondary get nailed at the same time you did, admitted his usage and accepted and served his suspension?

Sherman is a big dude.  He’s as tough and as physical a defensive back as you will find, as talented a specimen as you will find in just his second year.  Too bad he’s such a jerk.

In the NFL, brash equals confidence, a lone sway from the straight path makes you misunderstood – but being a poor sportsman makes you hated…and left off the 2012 Pro Bowl roster, a notable snub from the all star team despite being well qualified…

…and getting out of a suspension due to a supposed flaw in the system?  That doesn’t make you any less guilty, it just means that the principal has to accept your explanation with a smile and a pat you on the back.

After this evening’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins’ tackle Trent Williams got the same treatment that Tom Brady got, but Williams was in no mood to deal with Sherman’s insolent taunting, and shoved a big right hand in Sherman’s face.

Williams later sent a text to Sherman, apologizing for the incident – and what did Sherman do?  Right, used it to his advantage, sending out a tweet that Williams had offered his apologies, stating that “This is an emotional game no ill will”.

And that makes it all ok, of course, without any mention of his getting up in Williams’ face to cause the whole thing in the first place.

Undoubtedly, Williams will be fined by the commissioner – and nothing will happen with Sherman, because taunting after a ball game and being a jerk aren’t against the rules, but they are the “leaky package” defense that has allowed Sherman to weasel out of trouble for probably his entire life.

At least, that’s what his behavior would lead us to believe – and so far, he’s done nothing to convince decent people otherwise.

Given this, I wonder how badly Brady wants another shot at him and the Seahawks.  Publicly, there will not be a word said, because that’s not the way class people handle their affairs.  But privately?

You just don’t blow off something like that, and perhaps in some calculated, premeditated way he as well as his New England teammates are secretly hoping that Seattle runs the NFC table, hoping that the karma gods give the Patriots the shot at embarrassing Sherman and the Seahawks on the biggest stage in professional sports.

And therein lies the soap opera, the Lifetime movie where the good guys always come out on top – after the obligatory drama and violence, of course.

I don’t profess to know anything about Brady, just as I don’t profess to know anything about Sherman…maybe he’s a Saint in his private life – a benevolent soul with a heart for philanthropy and a piggy bank that never runs dry.

But when large tackles with a gentle demeanor want to shove their fist in your eye after the game is over, most people don’t veiw you as having enough class to show good sportsmanship.

What are we supposed to think?  You don’t give us any other choice.

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