Oct 27,2012; London, UNITED KINGDOM; New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick (left) and Patriots owner Robert Kraft at the NFL International Series fan rally at Trafalgar Square. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The Truth: Part 1 - Pig Pile on the Patriots!

The only sound coming out of the offices of Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick these days is the whisper of air moving through the ducts of the central air system, and that’s the only sound anyone outside of the New England Patriots organization is going to hear for a while…

…not just because both men were out of the country – for which they are most likely very grateful – but because the fabled Patriot Way has been evoked, the highest state of security known in the world of sports, conjuring images of figures in trench coats carrying leather briefcases, identities veiled by the foreboding shadows of evanescence.

Because this too shall pass, the evil goings on of the past few weeks which has seen the Patriots’ organization take several direct hits to their infrastructure - and at present the Patriot bashing is at a frenzied pace, where even beat writers for the local rags have distanced themselves from the besieged franchise…

…which means that no matter what they say, it will get twisted around to become whatever the press needs it to be - which turns into a metaphoric pig pile, public opinion jumping atop Patriots’ management during this defined moment of vulnerability until they start to squeal - so why say anything?

Indeed, why throw another pig on the pile?

Instead the New England Patriots are in full Damage control mode – which is to be expected given the turmoil of this offseason…

…not necessarily to patch the way that the public sees them, rather, to once again put their brand of football on the field, to let the performance of the team speak for the state of Patriot Nation – so while the rest of the football world is whooping it up at the expense of the reputation of the franchise, the Patriots are busy ensuring that the one speaking voice that they will use is of the highest quality.

Not to dissuade any wrong notion the public may carry, but simply to carry on their successful work.  The Patriots have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone.  The brand of football that they put on the field speaks for itself, leaving the enigmatic head coach and philanthropist owner little to add.

Winning football games is the business they are in - not being at the bottom of an squealing pile of pigs – and they are all in.

But, first things first: Immediately after the team released embattled tight end Aaron Hernandez as the result of his arrest for murder, the person in charge of erasure sent an damnatio memoriae edict to webmasters to remove his name, stats and anything tied to Hernandez, and to the merchandising teams to remove any and all imagery and gear with Hernandez name or jersey number off of the shelves…

…for which they were instantly criticized – just another cruel proclamation from the most heartless and unfeeling front office in professional sports - the same people who discard players like yesterday’s trash when they cease being useful, the same people who play tag with players on their practice squad, activating and releasing them without discrimination.

All while not saying a word to the outside world because, again, why bother?

Human nature tends to lend itself to situations such as this, as it is far easier to kick someone when they’re down than to lean over and help them to their feet – but many times the problems with the despised are magnified by hate to the point that it overshadows the big picture…

…but to overlook the fact that the Patriots are title contenders once again would be a mistake, and would be overlooking the fact that - despite the turnover and attrition and injuries and crimes – this team has evolved into an entity that can morph into just about anything that they need to be, a lesson learned from a decade of coming up short on trophies and competent depth.

But let’s not fool ourselves either.  The Patriots’ issues this offseason have been the kind that either galvanizes a team or tears it apart - should it be a galvanizing force, the Patriots have the talent and leadership to once again contend for a title – should it tear them apart, well, they will say, it was bound to happen…

…and they deserved it, right? Many may feel as if they have a score to settle with the Patriots, either perceived or actual, but the fact of the matter is that the way the Patriots go about their business is their business, and theirs alone – and they don’t concern themselves with petty squabbles, narcissistic sports writers or cheap punks set on vengeance.

Perceived scores to settle was the impetus to Hernandez’s life collapsing around him.  The Patriots don’t have a score to settle with anyone, just a goal to attain, and if you happen to be in their way, well, you may just get stomped like a roach anyway.

Their method of operation since Bill Belichick assumed control of the product has been to bring in versatile talent, assimilate that talent into a collective way of thinking and to cohesively display this assimilated and versatile talent as an unstoppable force – a piece of the irresistible force paradox that has nothing to do with anything but winning football games…

…and in the weeks leading up to training camp and the preseason schedule, that paradox will be put to the test, as will the resolve of the team, from Bob Kraft all the way down to the temp that shovels snow from the seats at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots organization will be scrutinized like never before by the immovable object that is public opinion…

…and the only way to do that is to go about their business, continuing to both build the unstoppable force and to keep their mouths shut – to put a product on the field that dominates and makes the afore mentioned narcissistic sports writers and cheap punks have to deal with them – to put a champion on their field.

Yes, despite this offseason of misery full of arcane public relations nightmares, the Patriots still have a football team – and a good one at that.  Perhaps a great one.  Perhaps a championship one.  The season will play out and tell us which one it is, and with training camp a full month away, many questions up and down the roster await answers.

What those questions are have already been asked, and in the weeks leading up to training camp we will attempt to prepare our readers for what the answers will be.

Next, The Truth: Part 2 – If “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts…

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  • http://sbpra.com/paulvsuffriti Paul V. Suffriti

    The Pats will be fine……the haters will always look for anything to bring them down to their level. They will still be haters even more so when the Pats have another successful season.

  • Tyler Cary

    Explain to me exactly who their playmakers on offense are besides Vereen, Gronk, and Brady? What receiver do they have other than Gronk that has racked up a 1,000yd or better season ever, including college? They asked teams to remove everything including stats? It looks like they are trying to erase his record with the team. That means they are trying to improve their image by tampering with history, as in what people will remember about this whole mess. By doing this they can create a false image for their team in the future. Try writing a love letter to someone that deserves it.

    • unclealfie

      signed; another Hater.