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Tom Brady Continues His Dominance Over Peyton Manning

Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Who’s the better signal caller? The debate will always rage onward. They may be equally talented, but it’s clear the manner in which Brady approaches his craft sets him apart as a more valuable team leader.

Brady’s brilliance in orchestrating a come from behind victory over Manning and the Broncos on Sunday night was certainly one for the record books.

Without question, Brady executed with more fire and desire, as he improved to 10-4 in head-to-head meetings against his counterpart. If Brady’s three Super Bowl wins compared to Manning’s one isn’t enough, then the record he holds against him is evidence that New England’s field general is the superior player. After all, earning wins and rings is all that matters at the end of the day.

Leading 24-0 heading into the second half, boasting an offense with more weapons and a relatively healthy defense by comparison, Manning and the Broncos found a way to squander it all away. Reluctant to throw into the wind and check out of questionable run plays in passing situations, Manning showed no killer instinct in putting the Pats on ice.

In leading a second half charge that led to 31 unanswered Patriot points, it was Brady’s raw visible emotion and will to win rubbing off on everybody around him. His ability to rally the troops when all is failing, make believers out of them and then get them to give everything they have in order win is second to no one.

He’s vocal, supportive and boisterous when need be. The man plays with his heart on his sleeve and the competiveness in which he exhibits play after play ultimately elevates the play of those who take the field beside him. Manning’s robotic, unemotional style clearly falls short to that of Brady.

Year after year the Patriots are doubted due to a lack of talent. They are often predicted to fall short because of an inexperienced group of players and this season, that especially has been true. Yet Brady someway, somehow continues to find away to extract more from his men than the slew of all-stars Manning seems to so often have at his disposal.

That ladies and gentleman is no coincidence. The way Brady enthusiastically leads his club through displays of unparalleled passion while simultaneously instilling that passion within his teammates is what separates the two. It’s what makes him the ultimate competitor.

When it’s all said and done, Brady and Manning will probably go down as the best two quarterbacks to ever grace the gridiron. But it will always be Brady’s unquenchable thirst to win that stands out in our mind when these two gunslingers are compared.

New England’s 34-31 thrilling overtime win instantly cemented itself as a classic. It was one the most impressive victories in franchise history and Brady’s fingerprints are all over it.


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