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Patriot’s Draft day direction/Targets:


For months now there have been hundreds of Mock Drafts flying around the internet. Some people simply put their favorite college players and or assume they know which direction the Pats will go based on their roster needs or players called in for a visit. I’d like to make one thing very clear, no one and I mean no one knows what Bill Belichick will do except for the man himself. That includes the Patriot’s scouting staff. Their scouts have the main job of scouting a player’s strengths and weaknesses, and finding players on the upward or downward swing, for the purpose of grabbing a player in the right round.

*Most teams allow their scouts to be a part of and have a say on draft day, Bill doesn’t allow this.

I recently read Michael Holley’s book “War Room”, which helps you understand everything that goes into drafting any given college player. Though the book helps you to understand what Bill looks for in a player and why he may trade up or down, it doesn’t help you to understand what makes him lean in one direction over the other.

*One more little nugget of information… is that Bill tends to look at players (mostly Defensive players) that have good size and have an “Explosive” first step. Also, he prefers players that can play more than one position (if possible).

With this knowledge, I will attempt to lay out the Patriots draft board. Unlike other Mock Drafts, I won’t simply name one name but several good options.


The First round of the draft starts; Thursday May 8th, followed by rounds 2-3 on Friday, Rounds 4-7 on Saturday.


Though this years draft is a very good one, with Starting players through the first 3 rounds, I would like the Patriot’s to move up in the 1st round, securing one of the best defensive players available (See list below). If Bill cannot move up, watch for him to trade out of the 1st round, picking up more picks but this isn’t what I would do.

My reasoning for moving up is all tied to their off-season acquisitions. With the additions of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner on Defense, along with the surprising play of some of last year’s draft choices make them very close to being a legitimate Championship contender (Their just 2-3 pieces away, so the time is now to be Bold!).


 Here are my choices for each round

1. Trade up (from 29) to acquire: 

2. Pick (62), go after a

3. If they haven’t picked one yet, 


4. Three 4th round picks (105, 130, 140).

I would look to acquire any of the following players:

Devonta Freeman or Storm Johnson (RB).

Bryan Stork (Ctr). Russell Bodine or David Yankey (G-).

Jonathan Dowling (FS/SS). Kenny Ladler (FS). Craig Loston (SS).

Jaylen Watkins (CB).

Jeff JanisBrandon Coleman, Martavis Bryant, Devin Street (WR).

Jake Murphy (TE).

Yawin Smallwood (ILB). Christian Jones (ILB/OLB).

Jordan Tripp or Prince Shembo (OLB).

Daniel McCullers or Kelcy Quarles (DT).

Trevor ReillyTelvin Smith (OLB).

Louchiez Purifoy (CB/S-).

No 5th round picks


6. Three 6th round picks (179, 198, 206). I would look to acquire any of the following players:

Avery Williamson, Jordan Zumwalt, Yawin Smallwood, Brock Coyle (ILB).

Marion Grice (RB).

James Gayle or Taylor Hart (DE). Deandre Coleman (DT).

John Urschel (G).

Khairi Fortt (ILB/OLB). Ronald Powell (OLB).

Nevin Lawson (CB). Ed Reynolds, Dion Bailey or Marqueston Huff (FS).


7. Final round choices (244):

Ryan Groy or Andrew Norwell (G-)

Corey Linsley (Ctr).

Sullivan GroszChris Whaley or Jay Bromley (DT).

Xavier Grimble (TE).

Kevin Pierre-Louis (OLB but use as a Safety)

Jonathan Brown or Tyler Starr (OLB).

Brock Vereen (SS). Jonathan Dowling (FS).

Enjoy the Draft and Go Patriot’s!


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  • Paul V. Suffriti

    …just wondering about the cost of trading up….hate to lose picks when the interior O-line needs help. Wendell and Connolly are not the answer against teams with a good D-line. Pats D could use help….DE ( Jones and Nikkovich just cannot continue to play 90% of the snaps). Jamie Collins is great and the Pats need another clone of him at LB. DT position is getting older. I am hoping BB makes a deal with a team looking for a QB or a certain player and is willing to give up additional picks in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounds. There are quality players in the first four rounds and I would love it if BB got multiple picks in rounds 2-4. He could fill a lot of holes on both sides of the ball with additional picks….just don’t like moving up for a certain player and losing valuable picks. You really never know if a player will pan out and having more quality picks can only help your odds.

    • Willy

      It’s hard to say what it would cost to move up but I would use next years picks as 1. the time to be bold is now & 2. next years draft isnt nearly as good so giving up your 1st round pick…isnt a death sentence. There are said to be several teams in the top 15 that want to move down or add picks.
      I believe I addressed all their needs with all the names I listed per round. Dont be surprised (if they keep their 1st round pick) if they pick either a Safety (Pryor) or Guard (Su’a-filo) in the 1st round.
      This is an excellent draft but I dont want Bill to trade all his high picks for a million lower round picks. Keep in mind, this draft is so good that there will actually be a number of F.A. guys that will make for decent back-up options but we need to make the first 2-3 picks really count.

      • Paul V. Suffriti

        “This is an excellent draft but I dont want Bill to trade all his high picks for a million lower round picks.”

        I don’t want BB to trade the 29th pick for a lot of lower end picks…that’s why I stated that if he was given multiple picks in the 2nd-4th rounds it would be worth it. The talent is too deep not to make the deal…guess we will see if a team is desperate enough to trade away valuable picks in those rounds.

        • Willy

          Ive been thinking long and hard about it and given the Pats track record, of only hitting on like 30% or less of their 2nd round picks, Id rather use that 2nd round pick (either this years or next) to move up and grab that impact player, whether he be a WR, TE or Defensive player. Both Detroit at #10 and Pitt at #15 may look to deal their pick as their tight against the cap. That may be high enough to still get an impact player of some kind, especially at 10 but I would prefer to move up to Atlanta’s spot (Im greedy, LOL).