Top 5 Late First-Round Fits for The Boston Celtics

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Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

1. Adreian Payne, Michigan State (F/C)

I hate Michigan State basketball but Payne is a great complement to Sullinger, better than perhaps anyone outside of the top ten in this year’s draft. Since he has entered college, Payne has been an above the rim player on both sides of the ball. He has tremendous athleticism to go along with a good shooting stroke. The biggest knock on Payne is how engaged he is on a nightly basis. Perhaps I would be putting too much faith into coach Stevens, but I feel as though he can get the most out of this talented big man. Payne also has a tremendous wingspan and an NBA-ready body, meaning he can defend at the next level right away. The latter half of the NCAA basketball season may help Payne’s draft stock enough that he may not be there for the Celts late in the first round. Here’s hoping Brooklyn and Atlanta continue to struggle in the wild wild Eastern Conference.