The 2014 Oscaaaahsssss: Preview & Predictions


Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, before I go into the details of tonight’s 86th annual Academy Awards, I just want to make sure that the cheesy title and picture were the only way I could make it Boston related. Now we can put that behind us and look at tonight’s ceremony in Beverly Hills, California.

Host Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t excite me as I am a true Billy Crystal fan. However, she did well her first time around in 2007 and won’t ruin the show. Another safe bet by the Academy. One year I would love to see Louis CK host the event on FXX. Needless to say, FXX will never get the Oscars and Louie would probably turn it down. Either way, it’s refreshing to look at a host and know it won’t derail the show (Sorry James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Though let’s give Franco and Seth Rogen a shot).

As for the performers, there isn’t much outside of Idina Menzel and Pharrell that sparks my interest (Interesting taste for a 26 year-old male don’t you think?). I do think Jewish women ages 35-67 will be thrilled to watch Bette Midler perform, and I am sure my mother will be calling me to talk about it. The Liza Minnelli performance has intrigue and most americans love U2 and Pink. It should be pretty tame and enjoyable, but I will zone out while Bono sings one of U2’s new songs.

And now onto the awards. I will just put my opinion on a few awards and see if I end up getting it right!

Best Supporting Actor:

Who will win: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Who I loved the most: Jonah Hill, Wolf of Wall Street

Leto was fantastic in this movie. So fantastic that I haven’t seen a minute of it but have heard he is the hands down winner. I loved Hill in Wolf, but his performance was so over-the-top and cartoon like that the Academy won’t give him the award. He will win one of these some day. I would have nominated him for playing himself in “This Is The End.” (Bang Bang!)

Best Supporting Actress:

Who will win: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle

Who I loved the most: Lawrence

Like most of America, I love J-Law. She was great in this movie. which I was not a big fan of, and she was able to play the wife/Long Islander/imbecile/sexpot role quite well. We could see the award go to Lupita Nyong’o, but I think “12 Years A Slave” walks away more empty-handed than it should.

Best Actor:

Who will win: Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club

Who I loved the most: Leonardo DiCaprio, Wolf of Wall Street

See a trend here? I didn’t see DBC, but I understand from the raves it has gotten that the acting is going to sweep these awards, at least on the male side. Leo was great in Wolf, a movie that has gotten flack about his portrayal of the “heroes” in the movie, who people believed were being praised for their horrific acts. Personally, I disliked Leo about 60 percent through the movie, something that is hard to do considering his past work. Either way, McConaughey will win and I hope his speech is better than it was at the Screen Actors Guild awards.

 Best Actress:

Who will win: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Who I loved the most: Blanchett

This one isn’t even close. Sandra Bullock was alright in “Gravity,” a movie where she said maybe 30 lines and somehow didn’t die in. Or did she? Maybe I missed the deeper meaning of the movie? Blanchett was a crazy woman thanks to her situation in Jasmine, and it appeared she was already a bit off-the-rails even before she found out about her husband’s misgivings. This one was easy.

Best Director:

Who will win: Alfonso Cuaron, Gravity

Who I loved the most: Cuaron

I did enjoy watching Gravity.  I think Cuaron wins this award because the Academy will reward the entire crew for “12 years A Slave,” and make the director of that film, Steve McQueen, just stew until they finally win that award. Cuaron did some revolutionary things in a movie that was visually astonishing. There were so many pieces written about it praising his work individually that are hard to ignore. In addition, because many of the voters don’t experience the movie in an IMAX 3D setting, they will ignore the movie for the Best Picture award and recognize Cuaron for his work on a production scale, something that still comes across well outside of the IMAX.

Best Picture: 

Who will win: 12 Years A Slave

Who I loved the most: Wolf of Wall Street

It was obvious to see what I loved the most based on most of this article, but 12 Years is the best picture. It was easily the most divisive film of the year, and that will hurt its overall award count, but it was made so well, acted just right, and marketed in the way Best Picture films have been in the past. The Academy has pressure to recognize this movie for the outstanding achievement it is, and I think it will win this award as it was many people’s number one movie of the year. In the voting process, that could be the most crucial factor. Otherwise, Gravity will walk away the winner if most of the Academy turned on this film, which would be a darn shame.