Inside the Squared Circle: 4/28 WWE Raw Review


This graphic released by the WWE shows the logo for the new WWE network. The WWE Network launches Feb. 24, 2014 as a streaming service for $9.99 per month with a six-month commitment and will include all 12 pay-per-view events. (AP Photo/WWE)

Here we are, less than a month after WWE Wrestlemania XXX and we are at the next pay-per-view (or “special show” as WWE likes to call it). Extreme Rules has the potential to be a above-average card with three solid main events, with a decent undercard. Before we get too far ahead though, lets review Monday Night Raw!

Raw started out with John Cena inside a steel cage discussing his displeasure with the WWE Universe about last week’s 3-1 handicap match against the Wyatt Family. The fan vote had Cena take on all three members of the Wyatt Family, in what became a brutal beat down for the Cenation leader. Cena came out tonight, in a very different mood, and honestly it was a great promo by Cena. His comments to the WWE Universe seemed as if he was teasing a heel turn or joining the Wyatt Family. Although I can’t see Cena (no pun intended) joining the Wyatts, I can see WWE turning its cash cow to the dark side. Hell after Lesnar broke the Streak at Wrestlemania XXX, I won’t be surprised at anything they do.

This led to the Wyatts coming out, or so we thought. We hear a choir of children singing Bray’s new mantra “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”, which at first sight was great storytelling by WWE. But once Bray came out, and lead the children down to the ring and surrounded Cena, I was thinking to myself “This is a helluva promo. Why didn’t they do this promo before Wrestlemania?” Just a A+ promo by Cena and Wyatt, if I didn’t have the WWE Network, that would sell the PPV alone.

 Usos def. RyBaxel: Not a bad match in all honesty. If RyBaxel had more T.V time I could see them as a viable threat for the gold, I still wouldn’t be surprised though to see this match added to Extreme Rules at the last minute.

Adam Rose should be INTERESTING next week…more on him later this week.

Sheamus def. Titus O’Neil: Watching this match, I wondered so many things.

  1. Why did Titus turn? He was doing so well as a member of the PTP.
  2. What is Sheamus doing? Seriously, dude hasn’t been relevant in god knows how long. He could be in line for a heel run.
  3. What is the point of this match? Neither man has a match (as of yet) at Extreme Rules. Just a waste of a match.

Bo Dallas…Yuck, maybe if they brought back the Cruiserweight division he would work. But where does he go once he debuts? Tag team with Evan Bourne or Rey Mysterio?

We come back with Dolph Ziggler, Hugh Jackman, and Damien Sandow. Hugh seems to be the only guy who genuinely likes “hosting” Raw, as it shows in his work on the mic. Nice to see Ziggler and Jackman bury the hatchet from their altercation three years ago.

And then Sandow came out. Let me just say, if you’re having a bad day just watch that segment. Dude comes out in a magnetic costume, claiming he had magnetic powers. Really selling his powers as if they were real, I mean good for Sandow that he is on T.V. but come on…

Cesaro def. Jack Swagger: Pretty decent match, although I would have liked to see this matchup happen at Extreme Rules to give it the proper payoff. Instead it looks like Rob Van Dam will be added to make it a three-way matchup. Not that I hate that idea, but the Swagger/Cesaro matchup deserves its own spot on the PPV.

Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes: Oh man how far the Rhodes Brothers have fallen. Just a few months ago, they were the reigning Tag Team Champions, but now they are competing on WWE Main Event. However it looks like we could have Cody turning on Goldust sometime in the very near future, which may lead to a matchup at WWE Payback (hopefully).

Alexander Rusev def. Xaiver Woods: I’m not sold on Rusev yet, he reminds me of Vladimir Kozlov when he debuted. No personality (Lana isn’t really helping), makes it hard for him to garner heat from the crowd. Rusev is going to take on Truth and Woods at Extreme Rules, which up until this point, really hasn’t drawn any interest from me (or the WWE Universe for that matter).

Just when I think Cena would benefit from a heel turn, they show him granting his 400th wish. Dude’s never turning.

3MB def. Los Matadores: Gross, just gross. Then its announced that Hornswoggle and Torito will face off at Extreme Rules, I can only hope JBL will be commentating this one.

Stephanie McMahon came out to “apologize” to Daniel Bryan, really trying to sell her sincerity to the crowd. Bryan comes out and calls her bluff and calls her apologizing crap. He promises to compete at Extreme Rules, and Stephanie has an idea. Have Bryan and Brie walk out, both, as champions. This leads to a Paige vs. Brie match…

Brie and Paige fought to a no contest: Kane comes out mid match, from under the ring to capture Brie. Bryan comes for the save, but ultimately succumbs to the Big Red Monster, as Brie and Bryan escape as Kane stands tall in the ring. I’ll get more into this in my prediction column later this week, but I’m just underwhelmed at this feud.

#BNB def. RVD: I commend WWE for holding this tournament, it gives some storytelling for a few weeks and gives the viewers something to look forward too. Although it would be nice to see Big E. compete in a match or two during this stretch. Love this matchup, BNB picks up the victory after Cesaro and Swagger interfere. This match accomplished two things for Sunday: BNB will take on Big E. for the Intercontinental Championship, and RVD will be added to the Swager/Cesaro matchup. Good job WWE.

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton fought to a no contest: It was great to see Evolution come out together in the suits (sans Orton), and it was even better to see Flair make a guest appearance. Flair gave The Shield his endorsement, and while I could have done without that, it was great to see Flair in the ring with Orton, Batista, and HHH again. The match ends in a no contest, after interference from Evolution and begins a beat down on the Shield. After a few minutes of wearing out the Shield, Rollins and Co. begin to gain the upper hand on Evolution and they send them retreating as Raw went off the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Pretty decent go home show for Raw. I really liked the opening promo by Cena and Wyatt that should be another fun match this time in a steel cage. Also looking forward to the Intercontinental Championship match, where BNB looks to capture gold against Big E. Then of course we have Evolution and The Shield battling it out, certainly will be an interesting show this Sunday.

Look for my prediction column later on in the week, where I’ll look at each matchup and give my prediction along with other thoughts heading into Extreme Rules!