Bruins, Sharks discuss possible Marchand for Marleau trade


Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The big Bruins news today revolves around Brad Marchand and a possible trade involving Sharks forward Patrick Marleau. Jimmy Murphy reported that the two teams have been talking about a swap, but Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli told reporters today that he has no plans to trade Marchand.

What if Chiarelli is lying though? Let’s go along with this possible scenario and take a look at what it would mean for the Bruins.

“Marshmont” obviously was a no-show in the playoffs this year, which had a solid chunk of fans looking for a trade. Even during his slow start to the regular season people were calling to ship him off. He ended up with 25 goals, but potted none in the playoffs. He just finished his first year of a four year deal which will cost the Bruins $4.5 million per year.

Marleau has been a lifelong Shark and will be turning 35 right before the start of the season. Marleau is a strong skater and obviously a great goal scorer, but isn’t known for his two-way play. He has scored over thirty goals in the last five full seasons, including a 44 goal season in 2009-10. He will be starting a three year contract next season and will bring along a cap hit of $6.66 million each year.

One thing I must say is that the Bruins do need a bit of an identity change. They brought in Jarome Iginla this past season, but that doesn’t mean much once the Bruins were ousted by the Habs in the second round. Marleau would bring a new element to the table, but Marchand has many of the same components. I would like to see the Bruins become quicker and more skilled, but Marchand has been one of the Bruins most consistent goal scorers the past few seasons.

Also, if there were no other pieces to this trade, Marleau takes $2 million off the table that could be used to bring in free agents this offseason. The Bruins have several pricey long term deals as it is and Marleau’s contract might not be something they want to have on their hands for the next three years.

His history with the Sharks isn’t exactly eye-opening either. After putting up no goals in the final four losses against the Kings, he and former Bruin Joe Thornton must be contemplating why they can’t succeed in the postseason. Thornton wasn’t the right fit in Boston, but somehow took the C off Marleau’s sweater which is another bad sign. It wouldn’t appear that he is a clubhouse leader, which was one of the key reasons the Bruins brought in Iginla.

I am a Marchand fan and wouldn’t like seeing him go, but with that being said I would be open to trading him for the right player. I just don’t think Marleau is that guy. Chiarelli doesn’t typically lie to the public like many other GMs do, so this whole thing could just be speculation. However, if he is shopping the Nose Face Killah, he should make a few more calls to try and find a better fit for the Bruins