Why the NFL Hates the N.E. Patriots


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This article doesn’t revolve around Deflate-Gate, which has been talked about to death but there are ties to it.

A simple answer to the question is; because the Patriots Win. Some would say and have often tweeted that “They hate us because they aint us” but that revolves around non-Patriots fans more than the NFL itself. Not to say that there aren’t franchises, coaches, players that aren’t jealous of the Patriots and all that they have accomplished since the hiring of Bill Belichick and the drafting of Tom Brady.

Winning shouldn’t be an issue for the NFL, they should use that winning as an example to all the other franchises But they don’t and they wont. The League wants parity for some odd reason that can’t be explained. They seemingly want a shift in power each and every year and simply don’t care for a team like the Patriots that wins the Division constantly and with yearly Playoff success. We simply win too much.

The NFL and their right hand media man ESPN never choose a Patriot player to be their “cover boy”. They have anointed both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck instead, with Aaron Rodgers mixed in. These players may always be willing to give an interview, (Luck mumbles, not sure why anyone would ever want to interview him) and they are all known as nice guys. My problem with picking Manning and Luck is they fail to produce in the Playoffs more times than not. Of course one of the reasons they fail is because of the Patriots. Why not anoint Tom Brady as the League poster boy? Because he isn’t a good interview and he complains too much to officials. Oh and he plays for the hated Patriots.

Another reason why the League hates the Patriots is; Bill Belichick. Bill just isn’t seen as a likeable guy plain and simple. He is notoriously obnoxious during press conferences but not in a way that grabs sound bites for ESPN but in a manner of not answering a question and he’s famous for snorting into the mike. I also don’t believe the League appreciated his comment, hysterical as it was, about holding a Bake Sale to pay for additional cameras. Some people took these comments as mocking the League. Bill will also push rules to the limit or find loopholes in formations/plays the League never knew about.

One last reason the NFL hates Bill and the Patriots revolves around the Draft. In the last few years the League has spent millions promoting the Draft and the first round players. Television networks including ESPN, the NFL Network and alike have spent weeks talking about the top prospects and where they may go. There are even Drafting pools, contests… revolving around day one of the Draft. Why would the League hate the Patriots on Draft day you may ask? The Pat’s never have a high draft pick yet always seem to come away with a very good player in the First round and the League hates this. They also made one of the best picks in the History of the draft, in the sixth friggin’ round, (Tom Brady). Bill’s ability to do these things should be an example for the rest of the League but that simply doesn’t fit the narrative. They want to sell the Draft like they sell the Playoffs, the more viewers the more money they make. Also no one pulls a quality undrafted free agent out of the air like Bill does. How much you want to bet the League cringed when Malcolm Butler made that game saving interception. The League couldn’t possibly sell that as a good thing right?

Footnote: For those who believe that Robert Kraft made some sort of hand shake agreement with Roger Goodell to let Brady off easy think again. If there were such an agreement in place than Brady’s team of legal people wouldn’t have asked for Goodell to step aside in favor of a neutral arbiter. Also, has anyone wondered why Stephen Gostkowski didnt receive a suspension or a fine for not handing over his phone? The League didnt want to nail him, they wanted the Patriots and Tom Brady because it fit their agenda. And for the record I Don’t believe Tom did anything wrong and that the penalty on him and the team was beyond unfair whether or not someone is guilty. The punishment simply doesn’t fit the crime.

The League will find anyway possible to knock the Patriots down a peg or two and for that I hope we win another Championship and shove it straight down their throat.

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