Boston Red Sox: How to become contenders by 2016


Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

As all Red Sox fans have become painfully aware the 2015 season is over. The math just doesn’t add up even if this year’s team suddenly decided to really compete. Statistically it would be almost impossible for the Sox to dig themselves out of their hole and win this years division. With this in mind, General Manager Ben Cherington needs to think about what he has to do, starting today, to turn this franchise around.

Here is a step by step process of what they need do:

  1. Trade Mike Napoli and Clay Buchholz. You could probably add a few more names to this list but Napoli is my number one choice to be moved today. After moving Nap- they should insert anyone with a glove at first base for the rest of the season. And I wouldn’t be afraid to stick Pablo Sandoval or David Ortiz there for the rest of the season. I would Only play Ortiz against Right handed pitchers also.   Getting something for Buchholz, who shouldn’t be in any future plans, should be a priority for Ben. For the rest of the season Justin Masterson can fill Clay’s spot. Thankfully Masterson will be gone after this season.
  1. Stop putting Infielders in the Outfield. This experiment for the most part has failed. Hanley Ramirez must be taken off the field and inserted at DH. A position where if he “loafs” it won’t impact the rest of the team. For now the Outfield should have: Mookie Betts, Rusney Castillo and Alejandro De Aza until someone such as Shane Victorino and or Daniel Nava are healthy enough to supplant one of them. I would also call up Jackie Bradley Jr and promptly stick him in the Outfield at either Center or Right field. Jackie has been doing some lead-off hitting duties down in Pawtucket, so I would let him do it in Boston as well, moving Dustin Pedroia back to his familiar #2 hole.
  1. Either move one of: Wade Miley or Joe Kelly to the Bullpen or go with a six man rotation and have those two pitchers piggyback each other. The open rotation spot I would give to Pawtucket’s Brian Johnson who has been solid.
  1. Fire John Farrell at the end of the year and find a new Manager that knows how to manage well in-game. This manager should also be able to handle several different types of personalities in the clubhouse. Lastly he should be a manager that doesn’t mind bringing young players along in their development.
  1. In the off-season go after the following Free Agents: Justin Upton (OF), Chris Davis (1st), one of the top Starting pitchers; David Price, Jordan Zimmermann or Johnny Cueto would be my choice. No more cheaping out on a Starter. I would also add a power left handed arm to the Bullpen to compliment Junichi Tazawa and or Matt Barnes (If he stays a Reliever). With the acquisition of Davis and having Hanley at DH, it would spell the end of Ortiz, which I am more than fine with.

Those are the steps I would do, What would you like them to do?