Boston Red Sox: Should be Trade deadline Sellers


Jul 5, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington cleans up after game one against the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

To say the 2015 season hasn’t gone as planned for Ben Cherington and the Red Sox would be a gross understatement. So with this knowledge, what will they or should they do at the trade deadline?

In Ben’s mind the Bullpen he put together was sufficient, serviceable but clearly it hasn’t been as the team has an ERA of (3.90). In my opinion the Bullpen has too many holes to attempt to “fix” it this season. They need a power lefty (why did we let Andrew Miller sign elsewhere again?) and another strong, late inning right hander wouldn’t hurt either.

In Ben’s mind his starting rotation would be more than adequate. He placed all of his faith in the fact that Justin Masterson would return to his Cleveland Indians form of 2013. He also placed faith in the fact that Rick Porcello would continue his positive trend from last season while with Detroit. Obviously never once considering that either pitcher could or would fall apart in the spotlight that is Boston.

Masterson and his 6 ERA have been banished to the Bullpen, perhaps never to be seen again until a blow-out win or lose, while Porcello is still trying to find his way with his equally bad ERA of (5.90). Ben also placed too much faith in Clay Buchholz ability to stay healthy, something he has never been able to accomplish throughout his career and is currently on the disabled list as we speak. If not for Eduardo Rodriguez we wouldn’t have much to route for in this rotation. No offense to Wade Miley who at times has been excellent.

Adding a Starter, who would most likely be a rental, to this mess of a rotation (team ERA of 4.69) just doesn’t make sense. What they need to do is add a starter that has term left in his deal but that type of trade generally happens in the off-season, not mid-summer.

As for the offense they should be subtracting players not adding. Players such as; Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino, perhaps even Daniel Nava have no place and no future on this team. In fact at this point two of the three are hurting the team (Napoli’s hitting .191, Victorino .244). The only reason to keep Victorino at this point is for his defense.

In a nutshell the Red Sox should be Sellers at the trade deadline, not buyers as this team just has too many holes and too much inconsistency. The only way I would “buy” would be for assets for the future; IE a trade for a Tyson Ross type Starter, which is unlikely to occur at this time of the year. Are you Buying or Selling?