Boston Red Sox: What the Fans Want


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again Red Sox fans, a place we don’t want to be. Our team is in the process of finishing Last for the third time in four years. Earlier in the season we were asked to be Patient by team owner John W. Henry. Patience isn’t something we as Red Sox fans tend to have. In fact, said patience comes in very short supply for most of us. If I had one message for Mr. Henry it would be “We tried” but our time and patience have run out.

Many a fan finds themselves longing for those years where Theo Epstein led our favorite teams to the Promised Land. We find ourselves missing the management team led by Tito Francona. Now all we are left with is a disjointed mess that is mismanaged by John Farrell and never ending Bargain Basement Bums shuffled through the organization by Ben Cherington.

So what can Cherington or Henry do to appease the disappointed masses?

For one thing they can scrap every thought process that went into the last couple of years. They can start to learn from their mistakes. They can start to learn how to be less stubborn and how to evolve as an organization more quickly.

Once they have accomplished these feats they can then sit down, with the proper Baseball people in place and form a plan. And while they are at it they can learn how to “read” baseball stats as it’s obvious to everyone they haven’t a clue.

So what do the fans (the most important people to please) want?

I can’t speak for everyone but what I want is Hope. I want to see some sign that the owners and management as a whole are listening. I want them to give us a reason to tune-in next season beyond promising youngsters: Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts.

And it Must be something or someone Big. Cherington can’t simply sign a Mark Buehrle (Starter) and a Tommy Hunter (Reliever) that just won’t do.

Unless they make Bold moves along the line of a David Price (Starter) and Darren O’Day (Reliever) among others, then what will have changed?

When this ownership group took over in 2002 there was Hope for the future. There was a lot to look forward to because and in large part due to the Money. Since that time and despite winning a Championship in 2013, we have been left with a rudderless ship moving in circles.

Now the question remains, will they turn this thing around? Can and will they find what they used to have?

I for one hope so because the alternative draws on patience I no longer have.

So Mr. Henry, Red Sox Nation turns their lonely eyes to you, What say you?