Boston Red Sox: Who on the Roster is a Tradeable Commodity This Offseason?

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This group of players are overpaid, underperforming veterans. The contracts are completely out-of-whack with their production and no one is likely to be interested in picking up these contracts.

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Whiff, whiff, whiff. That’s the sound of fan’s opinions of having signed free agents Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez and traded for reclamation project Allen Craig. Ramirez came into the season bulked up while Sandoval was overweight. Neither came close to meeting expectations as Sandoval had defensive issues at third base and hit just .245 with a weak .658 OPS. Ramirez started strong and injuries and indifference sapped his season.

Craig is basically untradeable after spending most of 2015 in the minor leagues trying to find his swing again. The Red Sox owe him $20 million over the next two seasons and finding a team to pick up that combination of price and disappearing power would be a bigger coup than finding a taker for either Sandoval or Ramirez.

Beyond these three massive headaches for Dave Dombrowski to figure out, the Sox have two other veterans with big contracts and missed time due to injury. Pedroia is only 31 years old and is signed long-term. The ownership group may be reluctant to even think about trading the fan favorite second baseman. With his issues in the bullpen, the age of Uehara, and the $9 million he is owed in 2016, it seems unlikely the Red Sox would find a team desperate for him if they decided to try and move him.

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