Boston Celtics: Complete Eastern Conference Preview

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Banner 18 is coming. Maybe not this season, but there’s no denying the Boston Celtics are rising in the Eastern Conference, and a lot faster than most people predicted. They didn’t reel in a superstar this offseason, but did acquire proven veteran forwards David Lee and Amir Johnson, and will enjoy the services of sixth man extraordinaire Isaiah Thomas for a full 82 games.

They have young players poised to make a leap and the word everyone keeps throwing around, not without good reason, is depth. Coach Brad Stevens will play ten guys, maybe more, on a nightly basis. Establishing a rotation could prove to be a tricky process, but having multiple options at every position isn’t a bad problem to have. There are no guarantees in the NBA, but the Celtics improving on their 40-42 record from a year ago seems like an excellent bet.

How high can they climb? Well, with the majority of the league’s juggernauts roaming the West, the route to the top certainly isn’t as foreboding. Let’s go ahead and break down the entire Eastern Conference, from the teams in lottery limbo to the crème de la crème, and see where to expect the Celtics ending up come playoff time.

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