Boston Red Sox: 30 Greatest Players in Team History

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11: Wade Boggs, 3B (1982-1992)

It can be said that Wade Boggs love of chicken was only rivaled by his knack for coming up with a base hit.

Boggs played 11 seasons for the Boston Red Sox, totaling 2,198 career hits while playing in Beantown. He had a career-high 240 hits in the 1985 season, the same year he hit a season best .368. In fact, in his first seven seasons along Boggs collected 1,390 hits while hitting .356. The eccentric third baseman would go on to finish his career with 3,010 hits.

While never known for his power, Boggs hit 24 home runs in the 1987, a fifth of his career total of 118. Boggs had a propensity for getting on base, walking over 100 times in each season from 1986-89. He ended with a career line of .328/.415/.443.

Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2005, Boggs was an 11-time all-star and won two Gold Gloves. He was an integral part to Boston’s World Series run in 1986, hitting .290 in the Series, driving in three runs. Boggs left Boston after the ’92 season, spending the next seven seasons touring the AL East.

He spent five seasons with the Yankees and finished his career in Tampa Bay. Despite his contributions to the Red Sox, he has not had his number retired in Boston. An injustice that will hopefully be one day changed.

Bio on Boggs was given by Jason Haskins. Check out his work, and give him a follow on Twitter, @jasonrh_78.

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