2016 NBA Draft Preview: Boston Celtics

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The 2016 NBA Draft is finally here, Thursday night 60 prospective players dreams will come true being selected into the NBA.

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This year’s draft is full of sharp shooters including Duke’s Brandon Ingram, Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield, and Kentucky’s Jamal Murray. The Boston Celtics have 8 picks in this years draft, more importantly they possess the 3rd overall pick (via Brooklyn).

The Celtics picks include 3,16,23,31,35,45,51,58, there are endless possibilities in what they can do to make the future of this franchise look even brighter. They can choose to keep the lottery pick and select someone who the organization might not have a full read on because this year’s draft class is “shaky” after the first two picks to say the least.

The other option could be to choose to go in a different direction in where they would trade the 3rd overall pick to perhaps add someone who already has NBA experience and could help out the green right out of the gate. The problem is now that the “jig” is up that the Celtics are trying to shop the pick, “are teams around the league going to low-ball them because of signs of desperation?”
3rd Pick Options

“With the 3rd overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics select…….?”, that is the multi-million dollar question for Celtics Nation going into Thursday’s draft. With LSU Center Ben Simmons being told earlier this week that the Philadelphia 76ers will take him with the #1 overall pick, and Duke’s Ingram told that the LA Lakers will take him at #2, the Celtics should have an idea at who they are going to take right? Still Thursday afternoon we haven’t gotten a confirmation of what is going on, are they going to take Murray, Hield, Providence’s Kris Dunn, or even Cal’s Jaylen Brown. 

Dunn average 16.4 PPG along with 6.2 APG for the Friars this past season, and led them to the NCAA Tournament.

The reason for this is the Celtics #3 pick is hottest ticket off the press, teams are lining up to discuss trade talks with the needs of a sharp shooter as it looks like whoever selects the #3 pick will acquire. Here are some trade scenarios you could see happen on draft night for the Boston Celtics.