New England Patriots: 5 observations from week 7 win over Falcons

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 22: Tom Brady /
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FOXBORO, MA – OCTOBER 22: Tom Brady /

What The Fog?

Ahh, an age old Belichick trick. Turning on the ol’ fog machine. Really screws with the opposing team. Little do the Falcons know, the Patriots practice in fog at least once a week to prepare for this exact kind of game. Just another reason why he’s the greatest coach of all time.

The fog made it so you couldn’t see the field from the normal TV camera angle, so it was switched to a quarterback POV angle. It was pretty cool. You could see plays developing, holes being created, and routes being run.

The only negative to this point of view is that I felt like I actually knew what I was doing. “Hogan’s wide open! Why are you throwing to… oh good call you’re right Tom”. “Run to the left there’s a huge hole! Don’t run — ahh a new hole opened up great job getting the first down”. I felt like I was reading coverage and could see where the ball should have gone. I kind of felt like a QB.

Not to brag, but I did see Chris Hogan wide open before Brady hit him in stride for a 30 yard gain. No big deal, just basically completed a 30 yard pass in the NFL.

Overall, I liked the camera angle and the fog added something to the game. I could have done without NBC zooming out every 10 minutes to show the same foggy image of Gillette, but it was a unique sight to see. A little warning from God to the NFL, don’t come into the Patriots house and expect to leave happy.