New England Patriots: 5 observations on week 10 win over Broncos

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New England Patriots
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Life comes at you fast

Imagine waking up in the morning. You’re slightly hungover from last night, but you’re looking forward to what Sunday has to offer. You have tickets to the big game with sideline passes! On top of that, the reigning Super Bowl champions are the opposing team, and the Broncos have had their number in recent history.

You bundle up in your blue jacket, and you head to the stadium. Your view is amazing. You can’t believe how big the players are. They look big on TV, but wow, it’s totally different in person. They’re so fast and the game is intense. You pull out your phone and go to send your wife a text about how awesome it is. She’s the one who got you the tickets, after all.

You’re halfway through typing your message, and BAM. A flying object hits you square in the face. You can hear a combination of gasps and laughs. It was the ball that hit you. You’ll be on ESPN in the morning. You pick your phone up off the ground and finish up that text to your wife. What a night.

What you didn’t realize is that you’re now concussed and your text to your wife was complete gibberish. She thought you were belligerently drunk, which, admittedly, you were. It looks like you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight. Life comes at you fast.

Injuries are a part of football. It’s unfortunate but true. No one in the vicinity is safe out there. That includes players, coaches, anyone on the sidelines, and even officials. Referee Jeff Rice learned that lesson the hard way tonight, as a Patriots player was thrown into his legs.

Rice’s legs slid out from under his body, sending his head right into the turf. Ouch. He had to be carted off. I guess that’s just the nature of the beast.

Who would have thought that the biggest casualties of the night were going to be to non-players? Oh well, it gave me a laugh and I hope it gave you one too.