New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders have a long, fun history

19 Jan 2002: Jermaine Wiggins
19 Jan 2002: Jermaine Wiggins /
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New England Patriots
19 Jan 2002: Fans of the New England Patriots cheer during the AFC playoff game against the Oakland Raiders at Foxboro Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The Patriots came from behind to win 16-13 in overtime. Digital Image Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images /

The New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders history is more than just the 2002 ‘Tuck Rule Game’, and they’ll add another chapter on Sunday.

The New England Patriots and Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders have a very long NFL history.18-5-1

In all, the teams have faced off 34 times since 1960. The Patriots lead the series 18-15-1. They have had plenty of fun regular season matchups, but the best seem to come in the playoffs. The teams have played each other three teams in the playoffs, and while the Raiders took home a win in 1976, the Patriots have won the last two. Of course, the ‘Tuck Rule Game’ is what you immediately think of when you hear Patriots-Raiders, but there’s so much more.

This article provides some more insight into this intriguing matchup ahead of the game in Mexico City. There is a lot to take in, so buckle up, read up, and get pumped up for this Sunday’s Patriots game. The newest chapter in the history of these two teams can only hope to provide as much drama as the games in the past.