New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders have a long, fun history

19 Jan 2002: Jermaine Wiggins
19 Jan 2002: Jermaine Wiggins /
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October 9, 1994: Raiders 21, Patriots 17

Drew Bledsoe got his first, and only, crack at the Raiders in 1994. He played well enough to keep New England in the game, but he threw 3 interceptions to help Los Angeles seal the deal.

In the first quarter, both teams were held scoreless. The second quarter had most of the game’s action. Matt Bahr opened the scoring with a field goal for the Patriots, but just 2 minutes later Terry McDaniel picked off Bledsoe and returned it for a touchdown and a 7-3 lead. Bledsoe redeemed himself with touchdown passes to Kevin Turner and Leroy Thompson. Those scores put the Patriots ahead 17-7. Jeff Hostetler tossed a pass to Harvey Williams for a score though, and at halftime, it was a 17-14 game.

There was only one more score in the game, and it came in the third quarter. Hostetler ran a touchdown in himself, and the Raiders never gave up the lead. Drew Bledsoe had just one chance to beat the Raiders with Patriots, and he couldn’t get it done.